Published on 13 Mar 2024

32 SCSE faculty listed in Stanford University's Top 2% Scientists’ Study (2023)

Collage photo of 32 NTU faculty listed in Standford University's Top 2% Scientists' Study (2023)

The most recent edition of the world’s Top 2% scientists, as determined by Stanford University, was unveiled in October 2023. In this compilation, SCSE is proud to have an impressive 32 faculty members included in the single year and career rankings.

  1. Prof Ong, C. H. Luke
  2. Prof Miao, Chunyan
  3. Prof Ong, Yew Soon
  4. Prof Lin, Weisi
  5. Prof Guan, Cuntai
  6. Prof Rajapakse, Jagath C.
  7. Prof Cong, Gao
  8. Prof Li, Mo
  9. Prof Niyato, Dusit
  10. Prof Liu, Yang
  11. Prof Wen, Yonggang
  12. Prof Zhang, Jie
  13. Prof An, Bo
  14. Prof Sun, Chengzheng (retired)
  15. Prof Loy, Chen Change
  16. Prof Cambria, Erik
  17. A/P Quek, Hiok Chai
  18. A/P Maskell, Douglas L.
  19. A/P Lee, Bu Sung Francis
  20. A/P Sun, Aixin
  21. A/P Kong, Wai Kin Adams
  22. A/P Qian, Kemao
  23. A/P Tan, Chee Wei
  24. A/P Zhang, Hanwang
  25. A/P Anwitaman, Datta
  26. A/P Tan, Rui
  27. A/P Lu, Shijian
  28. A/P Lin, Guosheng
  29. A/P Luo, Jun
  30. A/P Hsu, Wen Jing (retired)
  31. Ast/P Liu, Ziwei
  32. Ast/P Zhao, Jun

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the distinguished professors who have earned their place in the esteemed top 2% list! 

(4 Oct 2023)