Palm-vein Verification using Images from the RGB Spectrum (26 August 2021, 2.00PM)

NTU Singapore
26 Aug 2021 02.00 PM - 03.00 PM Current Students

The details of the seminar are as follows:
Date : 26 August 2021 (Thursday)
Time : 2.00 PM – 3.00 PM
Venue : Online via Zoom 
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Meeting ID - 923 3046 4977
Passcode - 711668
Co-organized by IEEE Circuits and Systems Singapore Chapter, IEEE Signal Processing Singapore Chapter, together with CISS, Centre for Information Sciences and Systems, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, NTU
Abstract is:
In this work, we investigate into utilization of images from the visible light (RGB) spectrum for identity verification based on the palm-veins. This is differentiated from the commonly utilized Near-infrared (NIR) images for palm-vein feature extraction. Our goal is to explore into the often omitted palm-vein information from the RGB palm images considering the vast deployment of the RGB cameras. Essentially, the vein line features are extracted at various scales based on an efficient difference image projection. The extracted features from the gallery and the probe images are matched based on a fast Hamming distance implementation. The resultant similarity scores are finally fused at score level for accuracy enhancement. Experiments are conducted on two public multi-spectral palm databases. The results show encouraging matching accuracy and computational efficiency of the proposed method which extracts the palm-vein utilizing only the visible spectrum. The outcome of this study can be deployed as a standalone biometric or as part of a multibiometric system for secure authentication. 
Speaker's Biography:
Kar-Ann Toh is a Professor in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Yonsei University, South Korea. He received the PhD degree from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore in 1999. He worked for two years in the aerospace industry prior to his post-doctoral appointments at research centers in NTU from 1998 to 2002. He was affiliated with the Institute for Infocomm Research in Singapore from 2002 to 2005 prior to his current appointment in Korea. He was a Visiting Professor at National University of Singapore in the year 2020 during his sabbatical leave. His research interests include biometrics, pattern classification, and machine learning. He has served/is serving as an Associate Editor of several international journals including IEEE Transactions on Biometrics, Behavior and Identity Science, IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security, Journal of Franklin Institute, Pattern Recognition Letters, and IET Biometrics.
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