About Us


A/P Zheng Yuanjin
Director of CICS


CICS, the Centre for Integrated Circuits and Systems is jointly funded by Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB). Since its inception, the centre has a strong support from the industry with close collaboration with leading IC Design companies in Singapore and universities worldwide. 

Our goal is to provide a good foundation in a leading-edge research and educational environment for design of efficient integrated circuits and systems to support the increasingly large demand from Singapore electronics industry, to foster innovation and entrepreneurial spirit and culture among engineers in Singapore, and ultimately, demonstrate significant contributions to Singapore’s future economy growth.

With our goal in mind, we aim to take the IC design engineering a leap forward. We will focus on major design challenges for future cutting-edge energy-efficient ICs and systems on chips. Such advanced but low-cost and affordable systems will be the key enablers for a host of emerging technologies in various application areas such as Healthcare, safety/security, energy production, automotive, mobile communication, robotic, entertainment, smart homes, industry automation and control, and much more centering around emerging applications e.g. beyond 5G, Industry Internet of Things(IoT), and AI Edge Computing IC etc..

This requires a multi-disciplinary research environment with a broad spectrum of knowledge and skill to develop innovative circuit techniques and system solutions, allowing low-power low-cost integration of analog, mixed analog/digital and radio frequency circuits, combined with advanced digital signal processors and various types of sensors and sensor networks, like those that are needed for remote wireless sensor nodes(WSN) with innovative MEMS, Photonics Sensors, and Flexible  sensors etc..

CICS has skillful and experienced faculty members, researchers and graduate research students, state-of-the-art equipment and laboratories, professional management and administration, and a strong network with major semiconductor companies in Singapore and worldwide. In this context, we warmly welcome new industry or university partners for long-term and effective research collaborations.

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