Published on 28 May 2021

Nanyang PMBA participants formulate COVID-19 vaccination strategy for Boston Scientific

"I was impressed by how the team's recommendations mirrored the decisions the leadership teams have been debating and agreed on,” said Art Butcher, Head of Boston Scientific (APAC), referring to the presentation by our Nanyang Professional MBA (PMBA) participants to the AsiaPac Leadership Team.

The presentation to Boston Scientific was part of a consulting project for the Nanyang PMBA Business Ethics & Corporate Governance (BE&CG) module taught by Adjunct Associate Professor Sabina Sudan.

Nanyang PMBA participants Nicholas Ang, Li Siwei, Naho Ito, Sunil Anand Roy, and Yan Paing worked for almost three weeks to propose a strategy on the highly pertinent issue that many organisations are facing – should a company make COVID-19 vaccination mandatory across the organisation globally? The strategy addressed the impact on all of the company's stakeholders.


Virtual presentation by the PMBA team to Boston Scientific


Nicholas said, “We spent several sessions together to brainstorm on key topics and concerns of the organisation. We applied the lessons and frameworks taught during our PMBA BE&CG module and formulated a strategy through different lenses.”

 The opportunity to work with Boston Scientific, an eminent manufacturer of medical devices, is an example of the real-world relevance and strong industry focus offered by Nanyang PMBA.

 “Formulating the strategy in an ethical way – balancing between the company’s and the diverse stakeholders’ interest – was a great opportunity for the team to apply the module content to a topical issue.  We prevailed and succeeded.”

 The team express their gratitude to Ms. Rachel Corder, General Counsel, Legal and Compliance, Asia Pacific at Boston Scientific and Adjunct Associate Professor Sabina Sudan and for their guidance and great insights into the presentation.