Graduate Studies Career Development Office

Message from Assistant Dean, Career Services

Ivy Kwan, Assistant Dean, Career Services


Greetings from the Graduate Studies Career Development Office, better known as GSCDO.

Nanyang Business School is viewed as a key recruiting partner by many Fortune 500 corporations and social impact organisations. And here at GSCDO, we work hard to prepare our postgraduate participants for the workforce.

A dedicated go-to career counsellor looks after each graduate programme, working with our participants in a multitude of areas such as career planning, job hunting strategies, and linking participants to industry and alumni contacts. All of our career counsellors hail from industry and they bring with them deep insights into, and strong connections within, industries of interest to our participants.  

GSCDO also curates a suite of career workshops, covering important topics such as professional etiquette, networking, resume writing, and interview preparation.  These are aimed at ensuring that participants meet the high demands of employers and stand out from the competition.

Our efforts have yielded good returns – each year, we achieve high employment rates for all our programmes. Our participants have proceeded to join top companies such as Amazon, Apple, BCG, Deloitte Consulting, GE, GIC, Goldman Sachs, Hilti, McKinsey & Company, Microsoft, P&G, PWC, and Shopee, to name a few.

The GSCDO team looks forward to welcoming you to the NBS graduate programme and starting the career journey with you. With your effort and our support, we believe that you will find the NBS days a rewarding journey indeed!

Assoc Prof Ivy Kwan
Assistant Dean (Career Service)
Graduate Studies Career Development Office



At GSCDO, we are a team of professionals dedicated to supporting your career journey. Whether this is finding that ideal role, starting a business, or switching career tracks, we are ready to support and help open doors to this goal. 

What We Do

We Guide you to better understand your passion, strengths, and motivations; and Support you as you push your own boundaries and set your targets. Our role is to Catalyse self-belief, and help you Develop an empowering plan which Open doors to your career goal.

This partnership starts when you are enrolled with NBS and stays long after your graduation.   

The Team

The Graduate Studies Career Development Office team

A team dedicated to supporting you in crafting, defining, and achieving your career goals, the Graduate Studies Career Development Office is contactable at [email protected] and is located at 50 Nanyang Avenue, S3.1-B2-06, Singapore 639798. 

What Others Say About GSCDO

Kimberly Liew Bei Xin, Nanyang MBA Class of 2021

Not just your average contact point for internships and full-time jobs, the Career Office genuinely cares about my development and career aspirations.  Indeed, the Career Office is the most valuable support I have gained out of my Nanyang MBA programme.  The team has been supportive and provided me with practical resources that I could leverage to become a well-rounded professional.

A series of workshops were planned right from the start.  These workshops were relevant in helping me make informed decisions about my career, apart from equipping me with career-building skills that could effectively develop my professional brand image. There were also networking sessions that provided avenues for me to connect with alumni and industry experts. 

Kimberly Liew Bei Xin
Nanyang MBA Class of 2021

Anthony Chor Xingyou, Nanyang Fellows MBA Class of 2021

As a sponsored participant with my career locked in for the next few years, I was initially sceptical about how the Career Office could add value to my learning journey with NBS. However, my scepticism was debunked during orientation, when I understood how the Career Office partnered each participant through a structured career journey during our time with NBS and beyond.

 From resume building and profiling activities to customised workshops in topics ranging from personal branding to sharing developments within specific industries and sectors, I saw how the Career Office worked to cater to the diverse needs and interests of every participant.

I took part in some of these workshops and picked up skills which I believe would remain relevant to me throughout my career. What I have also found beneficial was the one-to-one career coaching sessions, from which I not only gained clarity over my career purpose, but also gleaned valuable insights about areas to work on for my personal growth.

Anthony Chor Xingyou
Nanyang Fellows MBA Class of 2021

Chris Lin, Nanyang MBA Class of 2021

The Career Office works with participants one-on-one to provide tailored career services through skill workshops, networking sessions, career coaching, and many more. The team also provides many exclusive resources for both full-time and part-time job opportunities.

I personally found my internship through the Career Office’s network and support, including resume workshops, company visits, and personal coaching sessions. With the strong support, I can rest assured that the Nanyang MBA program will help me elevate my career to the next level.  

Chris Lin
Nanyang MBA Class of 2021

Lorybeth Baldrias-Serrano, Nanyang Fellows MBA Class of 2021

I first learnt about the Career Office during orientation. Since then, I have interacted closely with the team in the office and gained guidance in fine-tuning my resume and understanding potential roles for me to explore.

The office also organised networking events and seminars which were helpful in getting me career ready. My favourite has been the personal branding workshop, which helped me better communicate and present who I am.

A key highlight was also the personal career coach who worked with me to leverage my transferable skills and move into my ideal roles. The Career Office is indeed one’s best friend during this NBS journey, helping set NBS apart from other global MBA programmes. 

Lorybeth Rugay Baldrias-Serrano
Nanyang Fellows MBA Class of 2021

Zhu Siyi, MSc Marketing Science Class of 2021

I deeply appreciate the support of the NBS Career Office in guiding me along the job search process.  My career counsellor helped alleviate the apprehension I felt about job interviews. Feedback during mock interviews and from video sessions helped me gain a lot of self-awareness, and I am now more confident of myself during interviews. 

The Career Office has also been fabulous in tapping into the rich pool of alumni, which NBS has. Through alumni engagement sessions, I had the chance to hear the experience of those now working in companies such as Microsoft, Twitter, Goggle, and P&G. The experience and perspectives shared by these alumni have given me a clearer understanding of my career prospects, and I am deeply grateful to the Career Office for this. 

Zhu Siyi
MSc Marketing Science Class of 2021

Zhang Yuejiao, MSc Financial Engineering Class of 2021

Returning to school for a postgraduate degree was a big decision, so I was hoping that the choice of NBS would make sense from both the academic and career angles. I have to say that the Career Office did not disappoint. The activities planned by the Office were well thought through and synced with the recruitment cycles of hiring companies.   

I have benefitted immensely from the help of my career counsellor who gave me career guidance and helped review my resume. The career counsellor simplified the world of internship for me and linked me to available internship opportunities. Knowing that the Career Office is ever ready to support me in my journey is a fantastic feeling and a big assurance to my life in NBS!

Zhang Yuejiao
MSc Financial Engineering Class of 2021

Vivek Goyal, MSc Business Analytics Class of 2021

The decision to leave a full-time job to pursue further studies during a global pandemic was certainly a major decision in my life. My choice of university was very much influenced by what its career office could offer, as I had positive experience with my career office during my undergraduate days in India. I was convinced that NTU was the right choice for me when I attended a programme briefing and the NBS Career Office gave useful information on the support level offered to participants of the programme. 

Having embarked on the programme with NBS, I must say that the Career Office was everything I expected it to be, and more. The career counsellors in the Office were helpful and encouraging, and organised numerous talks to help participants understand our career options within different functions. Networking sessions with alumni and corporate partners widened our network for job opportunities.

The Career Office was also constantly sourcing for internships, and it was through one of these that I got my role with Johnson Controls Innovation Center. The support and guidance from the team has also helped me sharpen my career goals too. I am sure the invaluable support from the Office will continue into the future.  

Vivek Goyal
MSc Business Analytics Class of 2021

Daniel Rivera, MSc Marketing Science Class of 2021

Coming from a university in the UK, I had assumed that career offices across all universities would offer similar services. I can now say with confidence that not all offices are the same – the proactive stance of the NBS Career Office sets it apart from the rest. 

Apart from "standard" services like resume reviews and provision of a jobs portal, the approachable team in the NBS Career Office works to improve employability of every participant. From the start of my term, I worked with my career counsellor on a career development plan.

What I also liked was the open-door policy of the Career Office, wherein I was able to approach any of the counsellors within the team to get insights into various sectors of interest.

The office also worked with other experts to equip participants with critical skills – my favourite was one where I learnt how to tell a better story about myself!  

Overall, the Careers team has impressed me with their future-oriented mindset and genuine passion in helping participants. I would recommend any participant interested in improving his or her employability to have a chat with their career counsellor soon! 

Daniel Rivera
MSc Marketing Science Class of 2021

Ella Choi, Nanyang MBA Class of 2018

I did my research prior to taking up my MBA programme. Institutional reputation, extent of alumni network and support of the career office were important considerations for me. For these reasons, I chose the Nanyang MBA. I am glad I did – to this day, I still ask the Career Office for advice on career because I trust them! 

When I started the Nanyang MBA, I did not know anyone in Singapore and had no idea how to go about searching for jobs in this country. Raised in Korea and having only worked in Europe, I benefitted immensely from the guidance given by the Career Office in a variety of areas, such as how to introduce myself over LinkedIn, how to get the most out of networking sessions, and how to pitch myself to prospective employers.  

The Career Office also gave me the opportunity to meet with alumni and their stories of overcoming challenges, similar to what I faced, were very reassuring for me. My confidence in the Career Office was further strengthened when company recruiters attested to the level of effort put in by the Career Office in helping every participant get noticed by hiring managers. The team indeed showed true passion and they are the biggest asset from my NBS days! 

Ella Choi
Nanyang MBA Class of 2018

APAC IT Data Project Manager, L’Oréal

Nigel Ng, MSc Financial Engineering Class of 2020

The support provided by the Career Office was immensely helpful throughout my NBS journey. The Career Office lined up a series of workshops to get our resumes ready and equip us with essential interview skills even before we stepped into our first class. Throughout the semesters, the Career Office would also invite guest speakers from various companies to share experiences and provide valuable insights to help us make better and more informed career choices.   

What really helped was how the Career Office kept an eye out for opportunities for every participant, whether in the form of internships or full-time roles. This personalised approach was what helped me land my current role.  

The Career Office was a key supporter through my journey with NBS, and I am glad that I made full use of the open-door policy of the team to get career coaching and counselling. These sessions were definitely more useful than I had initially thought! 

Nigel Ng
MSc Financial Engineering Class of 2020
Analyst, RV Capital

Cheryl Chong, Nanyang Professional MBA Class of 2020

My Nanyang Professional MBA journey was truly enriching and fruitful. I received tremendous support in one-to-one coaching and in accessing career opportunities.  I also attended networking sessions and was notified of different job openings and recruitment sessions by renowned companies in various sectors.    

 Thanks to the Career Office, I successfully secured an interesting job, working directly with high-level stakeholders from around the region. It was through the Career Office that I got the opportunity to interview for this new role, in an industry which I had no prior professional experience in.

It was indeed a rare opportunity made possible by the Nanyang Professional MBA and the Career Office, for which I am extremely grateful.

Cheryl Chong
Nanyang Professional MBA Class of 2020
Business Analyst, South Asia Country Group Management & Asia Sales and Client Management, Willis Towers Watson
Lam Hao Zhi, Nanyang MBA Class of 2020

Graduating during the COVID-19 pandemic was unnerving, but the support of the Career Office made all the difference.

 From the start of the programme, I was given the opportunity to network with alumni and gained valuable insights into different industries and interview processes of several companies.  I also had a career coach who helped me uncover my true passion and worked with me to brand myself around who I truly am.

Working with the Career Office as a partner certainly helped me get the most out of my Nanyang MBA with NBS.

Lam Hao Zhi
Nanyang MBA Class of 2020
Management Associate, Dole Food Company

Deloitte’s partnership with the Nanyang Business School (NBS) is a longstanding one. Graduates of NBS are well positioned to be the next generation of leaders, and we have had great success hiring NBS graduates for positions across our organisation. In the course of their work, they exhibit drive, professionalism and the willingness to learn – attributes that are essential in today’s dynamic workplace. We look forward to a continued relationship with NBS and help their graduates make an impact that matters in their roles at Deloitte.

Seah Gek Choo
Deloitte Singapore

NTU and NBS have always been one of the most important university partners for in Singapore. Thanks to the dedication and support from the career services team at NBS, over the past years has organised many successful campus engagement events such as the NTU campus recruitment talk/interview day and the virtual JD open day, which attracted many NTU graduates who have become key talents at We look forward to deepening our collaboration with NTU and NBS, and always welcome future NTU talent to the family. 

Han Huixian
Campus Recruitment Manager, 

The team in the Career Office has been highly proactive in maintaining connections with me.  I have been offered various opportunities to interact with and contribute back to the business school. I look forward to continuing the warm and steadfast partnership with the Career Office. 

Leo Tan
Operations Deal Manager, 
Microsoft Operations 


Assoc Prof Goh Kim Huat Academic Director, Nanyang MBA Programme

The Career Office has been a great partner for our Nanyang MBA programme. They play an instrumental role throughout the Nanyang MBA journey for our participants, starting from being admitted to the programme till they graduate, providing career guidance, personal branding workshops, and job placement opportunities. 

Assoc Prof Goh Kim Huat
Academic Director, Nanyang MBA Programme


Assoc Prof Choo Teck Min, Academic Director, MSc (Accountancy) Programme

Our Career Office has done an excellent job in engaging with our MSc Accountancy participants on their career aspirations. This is critical to the success of our programme. Many of our participants are from overseas and clinching a good job or internship after completing the programme is a key consideration for them when embarking on graduate studies.

For the most recent cohort of MSc Accountancy participants graduating in 2020, with strong efforts of the Career Office, more than 90% of the graduating class has been able to obtain full-time jobs or internships within three months of completing their programme. This is a stellar achievement given the difficult economic environment in 2020.  

Assoc Prof Choo Teck Min
Academic Director, MSc (Accountancy) Programme 

Assoc Prof Wu Yuan, Academic Director, MSc Finance Programme

The Career Office engages our MSc Finance participants right at the beginning of the programme with a structured career development journey throughout the course of the programme. It also facilitates participants' connection with the finance professionals through the Industry Field Trips organised in China and Singapore.  

Overcoming the COVID-19 challenges, the Career Office successfully coordinated the 2020 Industry Field Trips online for both China and Singapore. In partnership with the office, many participants secured good internships or full-time jobs. 

Assoc Prof Wu Yuan
Academic Director, MSc Finance Programme

Assoc Prof Lewis Lim, Academic Director, Nanyang Professional MBA Programme

The Career Office has always played an important role in the professional development journey of our graduate students. From the provision of career coaching services to organising useful workshops to internships and full-time placements, the Career Office serves as a pivotal function that helps our students advance their careers.  

Our colleagues at the Career Office are known to be dedicated and passionate professionals who are always available to advise and assist our students. Their work contributes greatly to the success of our graduate programmes.

Assoc Prof Lewis Lim
Academic Director, Nanyang Professional MBA Programme