Faculty Case Writers

Division of Accounting
Assoc Prof Patricia Tan
Assoc Prof Jian Ming

Division of Information Technology & Operations Management
Assoc Prof Sia Siew Kien
Asst Prof Vivek Choudhary
Dr Tan Yong Heng Michael

Division of Marketing
Prof Sharon Ng
Assoc Prof Lewis Lim
Dr Lim Boon Chong
Dr Wong King Yin
Dr Boey Yew Tung

Division of Leadership, Management & Organisation
Assoc Prof Lim Beng Chong
Assoc Prof Nigel Phang
Dr Koh Cheng Boon
Dr Kumaran Rajaram
Dr Daniel Siew Hoi Kok 

Division of Strategy, International Business and Entrepreneurship
Prof Foo Maw Der
Assoc Prof Lai Si Tsui-Auch
Assoc Prof Eugene Kang