Published on 22 Apr 2021

Sakura blooms on campus

Spring has arrived in NTU with pink trumpet flowers in full bloom across the campus. Check out some instaworthy photos reminiscent of the Sakura season in Japan.

By Sean Shagaran

NTU is at the peak of its Sakura season right now. This ‘spring’ you can witness the beauty of pink trumpet flowers bursting into full bloom across campus. Dubbed Singapore’s answer to the famed cherry blossoms of Japan, pink trumpet trees can grow to a towering 30m and are easily recognisable by their distinguishing features – a broadly conical shape, shady crown and trumpet-shaped flowers.

A phenomenon that occurs twice a year, the flowering process has caught the attention of many members of the OneNTU community who have jumped on the opportunity to take insta-worthy photos with these vibrantly coloured trees.

Check out some of their beautiful shots below and please share with us some of yours.

Sakura blooms in campus

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