Sociology Student Qian Lifeng's Qualifying Examination​​

01 Nov 2019 09.30 AM - 01.00 PM Current Students

Existing literature has informed that in Singapore circumstance there is no unified socio-cultural mainstream for Mainland immigrants integration. Unfortunately, it contradicts the host society's popular attitudes expecting immigrants as subjects to be socialized into Singaporean norms and values that in line with many socio-historic difficulties, resulted in an integration dilemma and hinder Mainland immigrants from voluntary integration into Singapore host society. Besides, it opens up an under-addressed knowledge gap in terms of how Mainland immigrants would be able to process their integration within the contradicted unique Singapore circumstance. Thus, to fill in the gap, the current study will then address the following three research questions: 1) How do the Mainland immigrants deal with homeland rise that contributes to the integration dilemma in the unique Singapore circumstance? 2) How do the Mainland immigrants adapt to the host society's English-known bilingualism? 3) How do the Mainland immigrants adapt to the host society education-based meritocracy via WeChat?

QE_Qian Lifeng