CE Master’s Programme in the Education and Training Domain

The SAF’s operational edge lies in the continual and holistic nurturing of its people at all levels, enabling them to contribute effectively to the SAF’s mission.  With its strong commitment to nurturing and developing its people, the SAF can achieve higher individual performance and greater organisational excellence.  The nurturing efforts in the education and training domain are centered on three key areas, namely:

  1. Professional Military Education and Training to build skills and knowledge for greater military professionalism;
  2. Support for the Continuing Education of Servicemen to strengthen their cognitive abilities and support deep specialisation where desired; and
  3. Leadership Development to build strong and competent leaders for the SAF.

The SAF-NTU Continuing Education (CE) Master’s Programme is designed to support the SAF’s nurturing efforts in the education and training domain.  It seeks to develop SAF leaders professionally, sharpen their cognitive skills and abilities, allow for deep specialisation where desired, and also meet personal aspirations for advancement.  There are two phases in the CE Master’s Programme. 

CE Master’s Programme Phase 1

The CE Master’s Programme Phase 1 is conducted at the Goh Keng Swee Command and Staff College (GKSCSC) as part of the curricula for the Command and Staff Course (CSC) and the Command and Staff Course (Executive) (CSC(E)).  This phase comprises CE Master’s courses that have been designed and developed in line with GKSCSC’s education and training needs for mid-level career officers, and are benchmarked at the Master’s degree level taught by NTU academic faculty members.  Academic units (AUs) are awarded for the successful completion of the CE Master’s courses up to the NTU Master’s accredited level.


CE Master’s Programme Phase 2      

The CE Master’s Programme Phase 2 is conducted at NTU together with the NTU mainstream students.  It involves the enrolment of eligible SAF officers from CSC and CSC(E) into a selection of 20 NTU Master’s programmes that are offered by the NTU Schools.  For successful enrolment, applicants are required to have completed the CSC or CSC(E), have a recognised Bachelor’s degree, have achieved the minimum standard needed for the CE Master’s courses in Phase 1, and have been awarded the programme sponsorship by the SAF.  Academic units achieved for the CE Master’s courses in Phase 1 may be transferred to the NTU Master’s programme-of-choice in Phase 2.