Student Exchange Programmes

The SAF and NTU currently have tri-partite arrangements for a Student Exchange Programme (SEP) with each of the three main United States military academies, namely, the United States Air Force Academy, the United States Naval Academy and the United States Military Academy (West Point).   

The SEP is specially developed to broaden the scope of the academic curriculum for the exchange students, while at the same time provide them with a unique learning experience in an overseas environment.  The student-on-exchange will get the opportunity to receive education and training at a world class military institute or university, and through the process, gain invaluable exposure to the different orgainisational systems and cultures.  The academic knowledge acquired, global perspectives enriched, new sensitivities developed, new friends made and life skills honed are all clear benefits that can be derived from the programme participation and interaction that can contribute immensely to personal growth and development, and potentially benefit future engagements and cooperation between organisations as well.   

The SAF-NTU Academy works closely with the NTU Office of Global Education and Mobility (OGEM), the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) and the United States Military Exchange Offices to bring these niche programmes to SAF-NTU undergraduates and cadet-undergraduates of the United States military academies.