Published on 24 Feb 2022

SCSE Computing Challenge 2022

Web banner of SCSE Computing Challenge 2022.

The 4th SCSE Computing Challenge 2022 was conducted with the participants presenting an Artificial Intelligence and Robotics-motivated problem using an MBot and a Raspberry Pi fitted with a camera module. 

Photo of the event.

The event is open to all Junior colleges in Singapore.

The challenge ran for a period of 4 weeks, during which participants were tasked to develop a suite of algorithms and program the robot so that it can adapt to changing scenarios and instructions in a real-life environment.

The participants were encouraged to develop a core program that is dynamic and built upon to realise more diverse capabilities across different circumstances. 

Collage photo of competition.

The competition consisted of a training held on 10 December 2021 and the finals on 8 January 2022.  A total of 6 schools registered with 8 teams.

Photo of the robots from the teams.

The robot was judged on its ability to fulfil the requirements of the shortlisting challenges through an objective grading rubric. The teams selected to the final challenge will have to showcase their tinkering phase along with a demonstration and presentation.

Photo of the awards trophy, plaques, medals and gift vouchers.

Registered Schools and the winners list. 

Name of Participating SchoolTeam NameAward
Dunman High SchoolLittle EinsteinsOverall Champions
Hutao SimpsJudges' Choice
River Valley High SchoolPineapple Pizza2nd Prize
Jurong Pioneer Junior CollegeQuartet3rd Prize
Catholic Junior CollegeAlphaMetaFinalists
Victoria Junior CollegeVeeJayCFinalists

Photo of Prize Presentation - Overall Champions: Dunman High School, Little Einsteins.Overall Champions: Dunman High School, Little Einsteins.

Photo of Prize Presentation - Judges’ Choice: Dunman High School, Hutao simps.Judges’ Choice: Dunman High School, Hutao simps.

Photo of Prize Presentation - 2nd Prize: River Valley High School, Pineapple Pizza.2nd Prize: River Valley High School, Pineapple Pizza.

Photo of Prize Presentation - 3rd Prize: Jurong Pioneer Junior College, Quartet.3rd Prize: Jurong Pioneer Junior College, Quartet.

Photo of Prize Presentation - Finalists: Jurong Pioneer Junior College, Nelson.Finalists: Jurong Pioneer Junior College, Nelson.

Photo of Prize Presentation - Finalists: Catholic Junior College, AlphaMeta.Finalists: Catholic Junior College, AlphaMeta.

Photo of Prize Presentation - Finalists: Victoria Junior College, VeeJayC.Finalists: Victoria Junior College, VeeJayC.

Photo of the presentation - to thanks the event support and sponsor.SCSE Assoc Chair (Academic), A/P Nicholas Vun presents the plaque to thanks the event support, Botsync Pte Ltd and sponsor, Dream Catcher Technologies Pte Ltd.

Panel of Judges: 
Vun Chan Hua, Nicholas (Assoc Prof) Associate Chair (Academic)   
Bo An (Assoc Prof) Assistant Chair (Innovation)   
Smitha K G (Senior Lecturer) Coordinator MDP   
Cheng Yian Tan (Principal Consultant) Dream Catcher Technologies Pte Ltd   
Prashant Trivedi (Chief Commercial Officer & Co-Founder) Botsync Pte Ltd