Published on 13 Jun 2023

Open House 2023

Successfully held on 11 Feb (virtual) and 25 Feb 2023 (physical) at NTU Campus and SCSE.

Like before, SCSE did 2 live streams via You Tube on 11 Feb at 11:00 am (Faculty) and at 1:00pm (Students).

You can watch the video’s here.   
Innovate the Future: Sharing by SCSE Faculty  
Life at SCSE: Sharing by SCSE Students

More information on tours can be found here:

Photo of SCSE Faculty Panel.

Faculty Panel:

  • Oh Hong Lye (Senior Lecturer) - Assistant Chair (Student Care)
    • Vun Chan Hua, Nicholas (Assoc Prof) - Associate Chair (Academic)
    • Sun Aixin (Assoc Prof) - Assistant Chair (Academic)
    • Lam Siew Kei (Assoc Prof) - Assistant Chair (Admissions and Outreach)
    • Ke Yi Ping, Kelly (Assoc Prof) - Member (Outreach Committee)
    • Smitha KG (Senior Lecturer) - Coordinator (Multi-Disciplinary Project)

    Photo of SCSE Student Panel.

    Student Panel:

    • Ng Tze Kean – Computer Science - Year 3
      • Soh Boon Yen – Computer Engineering - Year 4
      • Yap Shen Hwei, Nicole – Computer Science – Year 3
      • Ng Yong Jian - Computer Science and Economics - Year 3
      • Leow Ken Hing Bryan - Business and Computing - Year 4
      • Cheam Zhong Wei Caleb – Data Science & Artificial Intelligence- Year 4


      Photo collage of SCSE Open House 2023

      Thank you attending our SCSE 2023 Open House, we hope you have enjoyed the sharing session and school tour. 

      Photo of two groups of SCSE students.