[SBS Seminar] Expanding the Scope of Antimicrobial Peptides: Anti infectives and Beyond

19 Mar 2021 04.00 PM - 06.00 PM Classroom 1, SBS Current Students

The emergence and spread of multi drug ( resistant bacteria have initiated intense search for new antibiotics
Infections caused by Gram negative bacteria are even more difficult to remove due to low efficacy of several frontline
existing antibiotics ( novobiocin etc) The outer membrane LPS protects Gram negative bacteria that limits
entry of antibiotics to the cellular targets Host defense antimicrobial peptides ( demonstrate high potential in
developing anti infective molecules against MDR pathogens Apart from killing pathogens, AMPs are also known to be
important in other health problems e g inflammation, wound healing and septic shock We are investigating molecular

mechanism of outer membrane LPS disruption of potent and clinically relevant AMPs.

In this talk, I will present i NMR structure and interactions of thanatin an insect derived cell agglutinating AMP,AMP,( discovery of novel AMPs of human furin prodomain and ( preclinical development of de novo designed b boomerang cyclic peptide In addition, we propose an expanding scope of multifunctional AMPs in inhibiting protein amyloids.