[SBS Seminar]​​​ New insights on the expanding complexity of WRINKLED1 in plant lipid biosynthesis

27 Nov 2020 04.00 PM - 06.00 PM Classroom 1, SBS Current Students

Plants produce and accumulate triacylglycerol ( familiar to most people as vegetable oils) in their seeds as a major carbon and energy storage for seedling development Plant oils are essential for the human diet and renewable feedstocks of industrial applications WRINKLED 1 (WRI 1 is a pivotal transcriptional regulator governing plant oil biosynthesis Nevertheless, the molecular mechanism of WRI 1 still remains unclear Our recent studies indicated that functional domains/motifs, interacting regulators, and post translational modifications (e g phosphorylation) are essential for the function of WRI 1 My presentation focuses on our recent advance in understanding of WRI 1 molecular mechanism For example, we have discovered three intrinsically disordered regions ( in WRI 1 and shown that C terminal IDR 3 plays a role in mediating WRI 1 stability We have also identified some novel WRI 1 interacting regulators, such as
14 3 3 s (a family of phosphopeptide binding proteins) and TCP 4 transcription factor, which mediate the activity of
WRI 1 and WRI 1 regulated oil accumulation The knowledge gained from our studies on WRI 1 advances our
understanding of the complexity of WRI 1 regulatory mechanism, serving as a guide to improve strategies to use
WRI 1 for vegetable oil bioengineering