Published on 27 Dec 2021

Meet our SMiE student, Grace Wiggins!

Grace Sui-Ying Wiggins, SMiE

One of our first batch of students from the Second Major in Entrepreneurship (SMiE), Grace Wiggins shared about her parents’ passion which inspired her. In addition, SMiE taught her that passion is one of the keys to adopting an entrepreneurial mind.

What kickstarted your interest in entrepreneurship?
My parents have been one of my main role models in wanting to become an entrepreneur. The passion that they have in their specific fields spurred me from a young age to develop and chase my own passions as an entrepreneur.

What insights have you gained from MiE?
The programme taught me first and foremost that drive/passion is one of the keys to identify and make the most of opportunities. Additionally from the sharing of the speakers, I realised that failures may be inevitable but we can overcome and learn from setbacks.

What advice would you have for students interested in this field?
You can get the most out of this course if you come in with an open heart and mind, and if you have a self-sustained passion. If you are unsure of whether to take the leap of faith taking a second major, just go for it and don't live with any regrets!

What’s next for your journey as an entrepreneur?
Starting my own online shop during circuit breaker was my first few steps to becoming a successful entrepreneur. While I use the shop to continue to hone my technical skills like financial management, I am looking towards gaining more insight and knowledge in my second major to fully equip me to pursue my dreams of entrepreneurship in the med-tech industry.

For students like Grace, with a tenacity for pursuing their entrepreneurial interests, learn more about our programmes as we continue to cultivate entrepreneurship with a multidisciplinary approach and foster the diversity of ideas.

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