A complete pipeline for structural biology

At NISB, we aim to integrate structural biology research across NTU to address fundamental questions in biology and human diseases. We have the expertise and equipment to bring your gene of interest from plasmid to structure.

Here is how we can aid you in your research:


  • Protein expression and purification: Protein purification is the core of structural biology. We offer a multitude of expression vectors and hosts to suit every possible protein. Optimizations will ensure maximum protein yield with the highest possible purity.
  • Biophysical characterization of proteins: Biophysical characteristics of proteins are an important to understanding the function of proteins. We provide instruments and the expertise to perform measurements to determine protein oligomeric states, ligand binding efficiency and size and distribution of your proteins.
  • Structural data collection and analysis: Structural data from proteins provide a wealth of knowledge. Using our in-house instruments, we can study protein structure using different approaches from NMR, X-ray crystallography to cryogenic electron microscopy. 


As a research center, we play a strategic role in the NTU Life / Biomedical Research Centre, which includes both LKC and SBS, as well as SCELSE, SPMS, and MSE.


Our scientific platforms

Explore our facilities

NISB is dedicated to deciphering the intricate 3D architecture of biomolecules, exploring their functions and interactions. With specialized platforms including Cryo-Electron Microscopy (CryoEM), Biophysics, and X-ray Crystallography, we delve into the fine details of the molecular world.

Our institute provides not only cutting-edge instrumentation but also holistic support. Our services extend from project planning and experimental design, to characterization and analysis, where our staff scientists ensure the accuracy and reliability of data. If required, our staff scientists can also aid in data analysis and interpretation to help you reach your research goals.

We also offer training for researchers, empowering them to operate instruments independently. Through hands-on workshops, seminars, and personalized guidance, we equip a new generation of researchers with skills in structural biology.


Research Focus

We have built on existing strengths and facilities to create a state-of-the-art technology platform encompassing all structural methods. Our work focuses on, but is not limited to, the following research fields:


Chromosomal Biology & Health

Synthetic Biology


Infectious Diseases

Metabolic & Genetic Diseases

Drug Discovery & Design