The facilities at NISB allows a complete workflow starting from protein purification and ending in structure determination

What we do

Our goal at NISB is to integrate structural biology research across NTU to address fundamental questions in biology and human diseases. We also play strategic role in the NTU Life / Biomedical Research Centre, which includes both LKC and SBS, as well as SCELSE, SPMS, and MSE

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Research Focus

We have built on existing strengths and facilities at the School of Biological Sciences to create a state-of-the-art technology platform encompassing all structural methods. Our work focuses on, but is not limited to, the following research projects:


Chromosomal Biology & Health

Synthetic Biology


Infectious Diseases

Metabolic & Genetic Diseases

Drug Discovery & Design

Our scientific platforms

NISB supports the NTU research community in structural biology research with a range of scientific platforms available for biophysical characterisation and structure elucidation of biological samples. Our professional services include assistance from initial project discussion and planning, through to application of characterization and analytical techniques and assistance with data interpretation. We provide training and assistance to new users as well as workshops on instruments, conducted by application specialists.