Published on 03 Oct 2023

Paternity leave can be game changer: Opinion

Man holding toddler and looking at the sea

In an op-ed, Assoc Prof Trevor Yu from NTU’s NBS writes that while firms have been upping their game in offering paternity leave as part of efforts to attract and retain talent, the reality is not so straightforward.

A major concern is to ensure that business is not disrupted when employees go on long absences. Still, given the obvious benefits that paternity leave can bring, it is worth exploring how it can be tapped and used successfully.

First, several companies have started using these absences as an opportunity to provide valuable on-the-job exposure to younger inexperienced employees who, under some guidance, get the chance to hone deeper, higher-level skills during these internal internships.

Companies can also start identifying and developing role models who have been through such periods of parenting-related leave, making them mentors for others who are about to embark on that journey. 

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