Published on 26 Jan 2021

NTU Singapore employees donate over S$10 million worth of unused vacation leave in aid of students

NTU employees donate more than S$10 million worth of unused vacation leave to support students

More than 1,800 faculty and staff at NTU are donating $10.25 million worth of their unused annual leave for the University’s student aid and endowments.

On average, each of the 1,821 employees donated 11 days’ leave, while the highest individual donation was 15 days. The total number of donated leave amounted to 20,145 days.

The contributions were part of NTU's Leave Redemption and Donation Exercise, a new initiative that allows employees to put their unused leave towards a good cause. As part of the opt-in exercise, all NTU employees had the option to voluntarily redeem their unutilised earned annual leave value, based on each individual’s salary rates, for donation to an NTU fund of their choice.

The donation drive comes under the University's annual Faculty and Staff Giving initiative where employees can lend their support to the University's programmes, and student success and advancement.

Ms Tan Aik Na, NTU Senior Vice President (Administration), said, “The employee donations show how much the OneNTU community is invested in the success and well-being of our students. Everyone has been impacted by COVID-19, but some have been hit harder than others. Some of our students' parents have lost their jobs or have had their income reduced. So, it is doubly important during the pandemic for us to rally our support as OneNTU to help these students."

Employees may choose to contribute to the University's bursaries, general endowment, education and student life fund, or 18 other School or Centre Advancement Funds that support student projects and club activities such as seminars, and new research initiatives.

Another round of the opt-in leave donation exercise will be held in October 2021. 

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