Published on 02 Sep 2020

NCPA Graduate Students Earned Kudos at Tsinghua Public Policy Case Analysis Competition 2020


Master of Social Sciences (China and Global Governance) (MCGG) students Peng Bo, Zhao Ou and Yang Wenjie represented NTU's Nanyang Centre for Public Administration (NCPA) at the 2020 Tsinghua SPPM International Case Analysis Competition of Public Policy on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and received recognition for their case study titled "Striving for better and more institutionalized community governance: A case study of Singapore".

Now in its third year, the competition saw a total of 86 teams from tertiary institutions across China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, India, South Korea, France, Japan and Canada vying for spots in the final round. The competition was co-organised by the China Case Center for Public Policy and Management (CCCPPM) and the Institute for Sustainable Development Goals of Tsinghua University (TUSDG) and sponsored by Reckitt Benckiser Group PLC.

In the first round, participating teams submitted case proposals on topics relating to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations for review. Teams that made it to the second round were invited to proceed with field research and submit their case analysis reports for further rounds of selection.

The MCGG team was among 12 master student teams that were selected to present in the final round held on 29 August 2020 and was awarded the Certificate of Merit. Presentation contributes to 40% of the total score and 60% goes to the case analysis report.

Yang Wenjie presenting the team's research findings on community governance in Singapore

The MCGG team was advised by Associate Professor Li Mingjiang of NTU's S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS), who also lectures for NCPA's graduate programmes. NCPA's Adjunct Professor Ang Hak Seng and part-time lecturer Dr Neo Peng Fu also shared their thoughts on the topic of social governance in Singapore with the team.

Peng Bo answering questions after Yang Wenjie and Zhao Ou have presented the team's findings

On the competition, Peng Bo said, "Studying at NCPA, we believe the competition is a great platform for us to apply the success story of Singapore to tackle a social issue in China. We will continue to put in our efforts in bridging the knowledge between the two countries. As NCPA students, it is also important for us to reflect what we can do to fulfil our social responsibilities in times of crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. The competition has further strengthened the research and writing skills of those who were interested in public policy. It was also a good opportunity for our NCPA students to share their ideas with their peers from top universities across the world."

Screen grabs provided by Peng Bo