Published on 27 May 2021

Dr Celia Lee's New Book Explores How Talent Schemes Have Evolved Over Time in Response to Globalisation and Digitalisation in Southeast Asia

Talent Strategies and Leadership Development of the Public Sector (Routledge, June 2021)

To stay ahead of the competition, the public sector has to ensure an effective talent management strategy to attract, develop and retain talents. Effective talent management is about aligning the organisation’s approach to talent with the strategic aims and purpose of the organisation. In this book, Dr Celia Lee adopts a comparative country analysis, which takes into account the institutional emphasis, organisational configuration and unique characteristics of the public sector. Against the backdrop of three major stages of administrative development, i.e., the colonial, postcolonial and modern periods, this book unpacks how the talent schemes have been shaped by the reforms, experiences, cross-country knowledge transfers and evolved over time responding to globalisation and digitalisation in Southeast Asia. This book will be of great interest to scholars and public managers working on public administration and civil service reforms in Asia towards developing a contextualised understanding of talent management and leadership development in the region.

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