Published on 18 Sep 2020

On-hand gesture sensor system and Lab-on-Masks – Prof Chen Xiaodong

We are pleased to share that Professor Chen Xiaodong has been featured in a radio interview exploring the latest trends and technology around the world by Capital Radio 95.8FM. The radio recording is available here.

In the radio interview Professor Chen Xiaodong’s latest research in an AI system for high precision recognition of hand gestures were featured. During the 20-minute long interview, Prof Chen discussed the benefits of combining skin-like electronics with computer vision, the challenges and future development in the field. His research has also been published in Nature Electronics and in various media. More details are available here.

We are also thrilled to share that Professor Chen Xiaodong and Adjunct Professor Loh Xian Jun’s most recent development on smart masks to monitor health indicators associated with Covid-19 patients, has been featured in various media including CNA and the Straits Time. These sensors pick up skin temperature, blood oxygen saturation, blood pressure and heart rate – all of which are vital signs heavily monitored in isolation wards.

The related research is also published in ACS Materials Letters with the title “Lab-on-Mask for Remote Respiratory Monitoring”. The article can be found via the link -

Our heartiest congratulations to Professor Chen and his team on the excellent achievements!

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