Published on 26 Jan 2021

AI-powered ‘electronic nose’ to sniff out meat freshness – Professor Chen Xiaodong

We are pleased to share the research achievement of Professor Chen Xiaodong and his team, which has been featured in various media.

 The research team has invented an artificial olfactory system that mimics the mammalian nose to assess the freshness of meat accurately. The ‘electronic nose’ (e-nose) comprises a ‘barcode’ that changes colour over time in reaction to the gases produced by meat as it decays, and a barcode ‘reader’ in the form of a smartphone app powered by artificial intelligence (AI). The e-nose has been trained to recognise and predict meat freshness from a large library of barcode colours. When tested on commercially packaged chicken, fish and beef meat samples that were left to age, the team found that their deep convolutional neural network AI algorithm that powers the e-nose predicted the freshness of the meats with a 98.5% accuracy.

 The research team has also published their findings in a peer-reviewed journal, Advanced Materials with the title ‘Portable Food-Freshness Prediction Platform Based on Colorimetric Barcode Combinatorics and Deep Convolutional Neural Networks’”. The research article can be found via this link: 

Prof Chen Xiaodong and his team with their e-nose. PHOTO: NTUSG Youtube

Our heartiest congratulations to Prof Chen and his team on their excellent achievement!

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