Business AI Lab

To provide Applied AI Project and conduct AI courses for students.

1. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) on factoring invoice
Abstract : We applied RPA on reconciling the invoice received for factoring purposes and reconcile the amount which the company wanted to factor. The purpose is to automate the process and save man-hour costs.

2. AI in Business Valuation 
Abstract: We assist in scrapping information on a particular industry in a specific country to assist in the macro-economic components of business valuation process.

3. RENAL TEAM - Medical Technology – AI in Scheduling 
Abstract: We applied AI models to predict patient non-appearance after looking to improve the utilization of resources and hence, improve in the revenue.

4. ATTILA CYBERTECH-Cyber Security and Anomaly Detection using AI
Abstract: We applied AI models to detect any anomaly situation in operation technology and information technology environment.

5. Text-content Topic Modelling and Sentiment Analysis using AI, Photo Categorisation and Topic Modelling using AI
Abstract: We applied AI models to categories items on e-commerce platform using text description and images.

6. NTU-AI and Data Analytics on Graduate Student Admission (Slate)
Abstract: We applied AI models to predict admission number including application number and attrition rate.

A. Engineering Mathematics - Oct 2020
B. Advance Time Series – Nov 2020

C. Data Structure – Dec 2020

D. Tensor Flow and Tensor Board – End Feb 2020

E. Hadoop & Advance SQL – End Feb 2020

F. Computer Vision and Image Processing – March 2020

G. Image Processing & NLP – March 2020

H. Cloud Computing – April 2020

I. RPA Using Python – April 2020