Published on 08 Jan 2019

Polymer Design Platform for Advanced Industrial Applications Enriching Our Society and Latest Technology

IAS@NTU Groundbreaking Science Lecture by Prof Atsushi Goto

Designed polymers are next-generation polymers for creating high-value products which are important in chemical industry. Prof Atsushi Goto’s team developed a new synthetic method of designed polymers. The novelty of their work is the use of “non-metal catalysts” via new chemical reaction. The innovative method offers significant costdown in manufacturing designed polymers and also opens up applications. The method is now commercially used for manufacturing high-value printer inks. They are collaborating with several companies in developing various products in biomedical, coating, and oil & gas applications, for example. In the lecture held on 8 January 2019, he explained how their chemistry enriches the society and latest technologies.

See the poster.