Published on 24 Aug 2021

Long-term Drivers of Aboveground-Belowground Linkages & Ecosystem Functioning

IAS@NTU Discovery Science Seminar by Prof David Wardle

The webinar was jointly organised by IAS, the Graduate Students' Clubs of SPMS and SBS as well as the EoS Research Fellow Club.

Prof Wardle spoke about the impact of invasion of non-native mammals on plant-soil linkages and nutrient cycling over several decades in New-Zealand. He also discussed about Ecosystem ‘retrogression’ where nutrient availability and ecosystem processes decline over geological time scales, in contrasting regions around the world. Another very interesting segment of his talk was about the impact of long-term variation of temperature across several regions on soil processes and plant nutrition.  Many attendees sent in their questions for Prof Wardle. It was a very informative experience for everyone who attended the event.

Ruchi Choudhary | SBS Graduate Students' Club