High Performance Computing Centre (HPCC) Usages

1. High Performance Computing Cluster 

HPCC supports Computational-Intensive, Memory-Intensive and Data-Intensive HPC/AI Workload. 

Users can choose between the Annual Subscription Scheme or Pay-Per-Use.

  • Applications
    HPCC provides a wide range of optimised software applications installed on the HPC Platforms. More than 200 applications and libraries are made available to anyone with a project account with HPCC.
  • High Performance and Archival Storage
    One of the key infrastructures of HPCC is the High Performance, Scalable Storage. In addition, HPCC also provides the archival storage for research groups to store computation results and data.

2. Customised Virtual Machines for Research or Scientific Computing Labs

HPCC is able to request compute instances, customised to the research group or Schools’ teaching needs.

3. Co-Location

For researchers who choose to purchase their own IT Equipment, HPCC offers rack co-location services for servers and storage.

4. Other Services

HPCC Engineers can also help your research in other ways:

  1. ​​​​Data Piping Integration and Management

  2. OS Tuning and Optimisation

  3. Container Integration and Configuration

  4. Application Support and Optimisation

  5. Hosting of Inferencing Sites

  6. Cluster and Nodes Integration

  7. Data Workflow and Tuning

  8. License Server Hosting and Management