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The High-Performance Computing Centre (HPCC) was established in 2010 to support the needs of large-scale and data-intensive computation at the Nanyang Technology University, Singapore (NTU).

For more than 10 years, HPCC has grown and achieved recognition for energy efficiency, pioneering technologies and innovation. Located at the North Spine of NTU, HPCC provides resources, services, and expertise to NTU research and teaching community.

With more than 4000 CPU-Core, 40 Nvidia-Tesla GPGPU Cards, 2700TB of Storage, 100GB Infiniband and 40G Ethernet Backbone with close technical support, HPCC is a preferred choice for staff and students who require computational resources, services and expertise for research and teaching.

HPCC also provides data backup for the National Supercomputing Centre, housing about 20 Petabytes of Data and Remote Login Nodes.

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HPCC - About Us
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