TEM cluster: Usage & Training

We offer equipment training for most of the techniques available in FACTS. Training modules are tailored to make users gain a solid understanding of the technique and the ability to operate the instruments independently. 

We also offer usage with assistance for users who require assistance in collecting and analysing their data. This is an option for those who only have few samples for analysis. 

For users interested in training on the 2010 or 2100F TEMs, please see: Instrument training - New user info

For users interested in the ARM300F and ARM200F

Users are expected to have experience of using TEM (and preferably STEM) before being trained on the ARM200 or ARM300. Training for the ARMs typically takes about 3 days. For training and usage costs please see table below.

If you are interested in using the ARMs, please fill in a short proposal form and return it to FACTS.
The form can be downloaded from: (https://ts.ntu.edu.sg/sites/facts/web/Public/Circulars/Application%20Forms/ARM200F-Applications-v1.4.doc?Web=1)

For further enquiries, please contact Dr Chris Boothroyd ([email protected]) or Dr Tay Yee Yan ([email protected]).


For enquiries and training schedule, please contact:

ACTEM: Tay Yee Yan (Dr) <[email protected]>, Chris Boothroyd (Dr) <[email protected]>
TEM: Andrew Wong (Dr) <[email protected]>, Tay Yee Yan (Dr) <[email protected]>
FIB: Xi Lifei (Dr) <[email protected]>

For users who require usage with assistance, please contact:

ACTEM: Tay Yee Yan (Dr) <[email protected]>, Chris Boothroyd (Dr) <[email protected]>

TEM: Andrew Wong (Dr) <[email protected]>, Tay Yee Yan (Dr) <[email protected]>

FIB: Xi Lifei (Dr) <[email protected]>