ESCA cluster: Usage & Training

We offer equipment training for most of the techniques available in FACTS. Training modules are tailored to make users gain a solid understanding of the technique and the ability to operate the instruments independently. 

We also offer usage with assistance for users who require assistance in collecting and analysing their data. This is an option for those who only have few samples for analysis. 

The instrument is now officially open to NTU users who are interested in the technique. Given the system is rather delicate and requires special maintenance due to the UHV components, XPS training will be limited to individuals in groups who will use XPS frequently for a large part of their research.
The training will only cover basic spectroscopic measurements and machine technical handling. In the future, users with instrument access can be trained on the GCIS on a case-by-case basis.

Keen individuals are required to submit details regarding their work in the form below and submit the completed form to FACTS. To be eligible for training, applicants should have at least one year remaining in their current positions and be expecting to use XPS on a regular basis. The staff in-charge will contact potential trainees for training arrangement.
Link to application form: click here

For further enquiries, please contact Dr Teddy Salim ([email protected]) or Dr Liu Weiling ([email protected]). 

Due to the high commitment required to be an independent user of the XPS at FACTS, users who wish to use the instrument occasionally can submit their samples for usage with assistance. The staff in-charge will perform the data collection on behalf of the users. Less frequent users can also be shown how to perform independent data processing.


For further enquiries, please contact Dr Teddy Salim ([email protected]) or Dr Liu Weiling ([email protected]).