To: All First Year Common Engineering Students Admitted in Academic Year 2022-2023



​All Common Engineering Year 1 students admitted in Academic Year 2022-2023 must indicate through StudentLINK, their 5 choices (in order of preference) of the Engineering discipline w​hich they wish to pursue from Year 1 Semester 2 onwards. 

Students who fail to indicate their choices will be allocated a place in any of the 5 disciplines where there are vacancies. Students will not be able to change their c​hoices after the streaming exercise as the places may have been taken up.

The last day for all students to enter their choices is 27 Dec 2022, 2359 hr after the Semester 1 examination results are released.


​ Allocation Process 


​A fixed number of places is available for the 5 Engineering programmes, i.e. Civil Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Materials Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. 


​The examination results of the following Semester 1 courses* will be taken into consideration: 

-  PH1011 Physics or PH1012 Physics A

-  MH1810 Mathematics 1

-  FE1073 An Introduction to Engineering & Practices

-  EG1001 Engineers in Society

-  CC0001 Inquiry and Communication in the Interdisciplinary World

-  CC0002 Navigating the Digital World

* Except where a course has been exempted or student was absent from the exam with approved leave of absence.


​Allocation is based on matching the student's merit, the student's choice and the vacancies available in each programme. 

(iv)The allocation procedure is as follows: 

(a) You will first be considered for your first choice. If unsuccessful, you will be considered for your second, third and fourth choices, one at a time, in the order of your preference.


​(b) If you are not allocated your first choice, it means that your performance is below that of the lowest-ranked person allocated a place in that programme. The same applies if you are not given your second choice.​



​Instructions On How To Indicate Your Choices

You will be allowed access to StudentLINK from 6 Dec 2022 to indicate your choices. All 5 choices in order of preference must be entered and no duplication of choice will be allowed.  

Please ensure that you have entered your choices correctly as requests for amendment after the closing date will not be entertained. If you do not indicate your choices at all, you will be streamed to a programme with vacancies.



​Access​ StudentLINK


​Click Streaming - Common Engineering ​


​Click Option for Engineering​

You will see the following screen: ​





Programme : ENG Study Year : 1 

Streaming to the 5 Engineering Programmes 

1st Choice: CEE for Civil Engineering

2nd Choice: EEE for Electrical & Electronic Engineering 

3rd Choice: ENE for Environmental Engineering

4th Choice: MAT for Materials Engineering 

5th Choice: ME for Mechanical Engineering



​Indicate your choices in order of preference


​Click [OK]


​Notification of Streaming & Class Timetable 

The outcome of your streaming allocation will be released in StudentLINK on 29 Dec at 12 noon. You are then required to register for the courses of the programme you are streamed to or the school will allocate the core courses for you. 

The  registration schedule will be released on the website. The registration of Core and BDE courses is 30 Dec, 10.30am to 1.30pm. You can also check your registration date at StudentLink → Personalised Date/Time of Registration.


Appeal for Change of Engineering Programme 

​Students who wish to appeal for a change in Engineering programme may do so through the online Change of Programme system by 11.59 p.m., 30 Dec 2022. For more details on Change of Programme, please refer to