Dean's List

The Dean’s List is awarded to deserving top-performing students on a yearly basis. The top 5% of the cohort, subject to attaining a minimum YGPA of 4.50 and the specified AU of graded courses by curriculum type taken in NTU in the academic year, is eligible for the Dean’s List. Full-time single degree students have to complete at least 15AU of graded courses, while part-time single degree students have to complete at least 9AU of graded courses. Double-degree students have to complete a total of 15AU of discrete graded courses from both degrees, and 9AU of graded courses from each degree, to be eligible for the Dean’s List.

Courses that are graded as Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) and Pass/Fail or those with grades 'EX' (Exempted), 'IP' (In Progress) and 'LOA' (Leave of Absence) are not counted in the AU of graded courses for the purpose of determining the Dean's List. Besides this, final year students must attain at least a Second Upper Honours or Honours (Distinction) degree in order to be considered for the Dean's List.

Students who are eligible for the Dean's List will be notified by their respective Schools.