Published on 04 Oct 2018

​5th Singapore Space Symposium (SSS) 2018

5th Singapore Space Symposium

Date: 15 October 2018, NTU LT2A

​Theme: Space Technologies for Smart Cites


1. Promote research and development activities on the spacecraft bus, payload and satellite applications.
2. Increase awareness on space industry’s direction.
3. Foster collaboration on satellite technologies between public institutions and industries.

Keynote Speaker:

Dr. Charles Elachi is Professor (Emeritus) of Electrical Engineering and Planetary Science at the California Institute of Technology. From 2001 to 2016, he was the Director of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Vice President of California Institute of Technology. During his 16-year tenure, he oversaw the development and operations of over 45 flight missions and instruments.

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