Director's Message

Thrive in our Campus to Career Ecosystem

CAO director

In an ever-changing world, we need to constantly reinvent ourselves, develop our fullest potential, connect with key stakeholders, and strive to collaborate and innovate. Working to make an impact from within and beyond ourselves will determine how far we can go, together.

Dear Employers,

You are an integral part our Campus to Career ecosystem, providing students with real-world industry experiences and propel them towards fruitful careers. In both good and challenging years, CAO is continually encouraged and driven by the interests of many organisations to collaborate in nurturing a steady supply of future and global ready talent right here at NTU.

Working hand in hand, we remain committed to help you source talent for jobs and internships, as you provide many opportunities to build career resilience in NTU students and strengthen their job search skills, even while they are still in school.

Dear Alumni and Mentors,

As you seek out opportunities to share career skills and inspirational experiences with NTU students, we are thankful that you are taking time off your busy schedules to help the next generation reach their career aspirations. The technical knowledge and life skills which you impart to our students are invaluable for navigating this volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world.

Dear Students,

Beginning from your Day One in NTU, the Career & Attachment Office (CAO) is here for you to chart your path towards your First Destination upon graduation. As your bridge to the industry and what lies beyond graduation, we equip you with career-ready skills through a compulsory online career core module that is constantly revised over the years to suit students’ needs, as well as career and employability skills workshops. We also offer industry-specific consultations, local and overseas internships, company visits, industry and alumni networking sessions, in addition to recruitment events, serving as your first touchpoints to the working world.

Amidst a busy student life, take time to think about the value you can bring to the world and the people around you. Your Career Coach can help you reflect deeper on your career interests. Explore how you can make a difference through your daily work or even incubate new ideas to make the world a better place.

Be open and flexible with opportunities that come your way. Prepare yourself to seize them by mastering skills beyond your discipline and develop a genuine hunger for learning. Employers value graduates who welcome challenges and are ready to make an impact. Take responsibility for your career goals, starting from today. We wish you the best in your career journey.


Loh Pui Wah
Career & Attachment Office