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Singapore is a digitally hyper-connected society that is built on a core infrastructure comprising numerous cyber-systems. The current era of automation and big data is expected to further increase our dependence on the cyber-world, which brings with it considerable cybersecurity challenges.

CYSREN was established to address these concerns through multi-disciplinary research and development around cybersecurity, leveraging NTU’s core competencies in Engineering, Exact Sciences, International Studies and Business, among others.

We have a dedicated core team that uses its domain expertise and global experience while leveraging on NTU’s vibrant research culture and comprehensive R&D infrastructure to deliver state-of-the-art R&D projects. We engage with local as well as global agencies and industry partners to develop capabilities for a number of areas of strategic importance including:

  • cyber worthiness of autonomous vehicles
  • cyber risk management, advanced threat intelligence
  • secure-by-design for IoT and policy
  • governance of cybersecurity

Latest Visit

The Centre was honored to welcome Mr. Huang Li, the Chief Technology Officer of Desay SV Automotive Co. Ltd from China during his courtesy visit to CYSREN on 22 September 2023. The delegation was well received by Prof. Srikanthan, the Executive Director of CYSREN.

The visit marked a significant moment as both parties had the privilege of engaging in discussions on the current and future R&D collaboration. The delegates were also invited to a showcase of project demonstration by Prof. Liu Yang and his research team.


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Research Focus

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CYSREN creates a vibrant research community, bringing together world-renowned faculty as well as researchers from the industry and agencies in projects designed to create a strong impact on the cyber-security R&D landscape in Singapore and beyond.