Director’s message 

There are few parallels to the speed at which Singapore has transformed itself into a modern, urbanized society. With the ‘Smart Nation’ initiative, the pace of transformation has only accelerated further. Ours is already a digitally hyper-connected society that is built on a core infrastructure comprising numerous cyber-systems. The current era of automation and big data is expected to further increase our dependence on the cyber-world. That cyber-security poses a considerable challenge to such a society is an open secret. 

The Cyber Security Research Centre @ NTU (CYSREN) has been established to direct the University’s multi-disciplinary research and development capabilities towards cybersecurity, and to serve as a unified point of contact to represent NTU’s cyber security community. In particular, CYSREN will leverage on NTU’s core competencies in the various areas including Engineering, Exact Sciences, International Studies and Business. The current focus areas at CYSREN include Security by design, Cyber-threat detection and attack attribution, Cyber / Cyber-enabled Crime and Forensics and a holistic approach towards Cyber-security. 

NTU’s cybersecurity research community has been engaging with local as well as global agencies and industry partners to develop capabilities for a number of areas of strategic importance. These include cyber worthiness of autonomous vehicles, cyber risk management, advanced threat intelligence, secure-by-design for IoT and policy & governance of cybersecurity. 

CYSREN has a dedicated core team that uses its domain expertise and global experience while leveraging on NTU’s vibrant research culture and comprehensive R&D infrastructure to deliver state-of-the-art R&D projects. This is exemplified through the success CYSREN has had in establishing multiple collaborations with renowned international industry partners and academic institutions, all within a short-time of its inception. 

We invite you to explore our website to get a glimpse into the vast cyber-security specific R&D efforts that are being led by NTU faculty and researchers. We encourage you to visit our website regularly to get the latest update on this fast growing Research Centre. We welcome partners from the industry, government and academia to join forces and synergize with CYSREN to create a strong impact on the cyber-security R&D landscape in Singapore and beyond.



Professor Thambipillai Srikanthan
Executive Director, CYSREN