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The Centre for Sustainable Finance Innovation (CSFI) was established in 2022 to spearhead top-notch research and practical education on two main themes: sustainable finance and financial innovations. Its vision is to forge a solid strategic alliance among academia, policymakers, and finance practitioners. The foundations of CSFI are built upon three pillars of Research, Practice and Education.


Message from our Centre Directors

Welcome to the Centre for Sustainable Finance Innovation (CSFI) at Nanyang Technological University!

With the rising frequency of fatal natural catastrophes caused by climate change, environmental challenges have emerged as the most pressing and challenging existential issue. The transition to sustainable growth necessitates fundamental changes across industries, which requires significant capital and investment. Meanwhile, in the era of digital transition, technological development substantially stimulates financial innovation, which includes new financial products, services, or technologies that raise the productivity of the financial sector. However, financial innovation also impacts the financial system’s vulnerabilities and resilience. Thus, it has become increasingly vital to foster financial innovation in a prudent and sustainable manner.

Against this backdrop, CSFI was established in 2022 to promote academic research into financial innovation and sustainable finance and advance Nanyang Business School’s thought leadership in these domains. Following the scientist-practitioner model, we take pride in our research’s academic rigour and practical relevance, aspiring to tackle world-scale challenges, advance business theories, and enhance management practice. CSFI delivers original research findings to multiple stakeholders in various formats, which include top business journals, industry reports, white papers, books, seminars, and conferences.

As sustainability and technology have become the two fundamental driving forces shaping the future of financial services, CSFI provides the students at Nanyang Technological University with exposure to cutting-edge best practices in financial markets. In particular, CSFI leads platform-based learning of finance and builds a deep talent pool to support the development of sustainable finance and Fintech in Singapore.

CSFI has benefitted significantly from collaborations with our finance industry partners. We are grateful for their generous support; it has been our great honour to work with them. We look forward to continuing working with them in Singapore to achieve a better and more sustainable future through financial innovations.

Prof Simba, Chang Xin
Centre for Sustainable Finance Innovation

Assoc Prof Cindy, Deng Xin
Centre for Sustainable Finance Innovation

Assoc Prof Matthew Dearth

Assoc Prof Matthew Louis Dearth 
Centre for Sustainable Finance Innovation