Research Focus

Smart mobility has become an increasingly present theme in sustainability agendas in response to the impacts of transportation systems in cities. In order to develop new and revolutionary way of moving people and goods with technologies that are faster, cleaner, more accessible, and less expensive than traditional options, Continental-NTU Corporate Lab pool the best minds in autonomous robotics, navigation, artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, smart materials, sensing, and communication technologies from NTU and Continental to develop technologies and services that will impact future mobility. 

Over the next five years, Continental-NTU Corporate Lab is going to work on 16 industry-focused projects under three research thrusts: 

This research thrust focuses on developing safe, reliable, efficient robotic and navigation technologies to enable delivery robots, autonomous and electric vehicles to operate effectively in both indoor and outdoor environments, including urban settings under different weather conditions.

Our research focus cover the following areas:

Autonomous NavigationRobotic and Autonomous Navigation 

Operation and Maintenance Optimization
Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication

Collaborative Human and Machine Interaction

Cognitive Navigation

Safety Technologies
Thrust A Side

This research thrust focuses on applying artificial intelligence to code development and solutions in order to enhance the performance, security and user experience of future mobility applications.

Our research focus cover the following areas:

Artificial Intelligence


Interactive Human and Machine Interface

Computer Vision for Safety and Positioning

Software Engineering

Cabin Monitoring
Thrust B

This research thrust focuses on developing advanced sensors, touch-responsive human-machine interfaces with novel materials, and connectivity solutions to enhance the safety and comfort of users in future mobility applications.

Our research focus cover the following areas:

Sensor Development

Wireless Communication Technologies
Novel Materials for Next Generation Human-Machine Interface
Thrust C