About Us

Urban mobility is one of the most intractable challenges faced by developed cities globally, especially those that are at a tipping point where additional supply will no longer provide an efficient means to service demand. Smart solutions can help cities tap under-utilised capacity on existing infrastructure, improve the efficiency of the system, and redistribute demand across modes, routes, and time.

Singapore has been looking into such solutions under its Smart Nation initiative, which aims to use digital technologies to enhance comfort, convenience, and reliability of our public transport systems, and support the vision of a car-lite Singapore. Several trials are ongoing to gain insights on how technology can be deployed to strengthen intra-town connectivity, and enhance mobility for commuters, particularly the elderly and persons with disabilities.

Launched with a joint investment of S$50 million, the partnership between NTU and Continental aims to accelerate innovations in Singapore’s automotive industry and translate research outcomes into practical and viable urban mobility solutions for the future.

The objective of Continental-NTU Corporate Lab is to pool best minds in autonomous robotics, navigation, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, smart materials, sensing and communication technologies from NTU and Continental, a leading multinational automotive technology company, to generate game-changing solutions that leverage on data and digital technologies to enhance not just people transportation but also goods delivery. This is in line with Singapore’s Smart Nation initiatives to leverage data and digital technologies to enhance public and personal transportation, and to use sensors and data to run a smart, green, and liveable city. This ties in nicely with NTU 2025 plan, which supports high-impact interdisciplinary research to address global grand challenges, and to create mechanisms that accelerate the translation of research discoveries into innovation.

Continental-NTU Corporate Lab is supported by the National Research Foundation, Singapore (NRF) under the Industry Alignment Fund-Industry Collaboration Projects (IAF-ICP) scheme, which supports researchers working in strategic R&D projects with industry. Over the next five years, there are 16 industry-focused projects to be carried out to impact across the cross-disciplinary areas of:

  • Smart Mobility & Delivery
  • Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering
  • Smart Materials and Communication Technologies

These 16 projects will draw on the expertise of faculty members and scientists from NTU’s engineering and social-science schools and its research institutes, and Continental’s wealth of industrial experience, to generate game-changing solutions that can be translated into actual products or services for Continental’s customers.  These solutions will be trialed and test-bedded in and around the NTU Smart Campus. 

Continental-NTU Corporate Lab not only focus on translating research outcomes into real-world applications but also committed to educate, inform, and groom the next generation of talents. To this end, Continental-NTU Corporate Lab is committed to the training and upskilling of more than 90 full-time researchers from both NTU and Continental, as well as more than 80 NTU undergraduate and postgraduate students.