Published on 31 Aug 2022

MoU signing between Continental, Nanyang Technological University and Go-Ahead Singapore

At the inaugural Continental Singapore TechFest on 31 August 2022, Continental signed three Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with local and global partners. The technology company inked separate MoUs with Hyundai Motor Company and Singtel, as well as a joint MoU with Go-Ahead Singapore and Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore). The collaborations are aimed at improving the transport of goods and transforming the mobility experience, with each MoU leveraging Continental’s expertise and the technological competencies of the respective partners to accelerate new commercial solutions for mobility.   

Enhancing safety of public transport system with Go-Ahead Singapore and Nanyang Technological University 

Ensuring the wider community will also benefit from Continental’s advanced solutions, Continental-NTU Corporate Lab and Go-Ahead Singapore will embark on a two-year partnership to develop and enhance the driving safety management systems for its fleet of buses. Fitted with AI and machine learning capabilities, the system will be piloted on at least five Go-Ahead Singapore buses with the first trial set to commence in Q1 2023. Ultimately, the goal is to elevate descriptive analytics to the next level, building diagnostics and predictive capabilities in order to determine the root causes of risks for better prevention. 

The Continental-NTU Corporate Lab solution will alert fleet operators to abnormal driving patterns that indicate a heightened possibility of accidents occurring. Once armed with these valuable real-time insights, fleet operators will be empowered to intervene early and take preventive action, effectively enhancing safety for both drivers and passengers. Also, insights gleaned from the on-road trial tests will support more efficient iteration of Continental’s prototype design. This trial deployment in an operational environment is set to pave the way for Continental to accelerate commercialization of the solution in the public transport sector within 24 months. 

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