Published on 11 Oct 2023

MoU signing between Nanyang Technological University, Continental and partners to enable sustainable mobility development in Singapore

At the Continental Singapore TechFest on 27 September 2023, three Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) were signed between Nanyang Technological University Singapore (NTU Singapore), Continental and partners to drive research in Singapore on making the mobility ecosystem more environmentally friendly.

The partnership between NTU Singapore, Continental and Volkswagen Group Innovation seeks to develop smart energy management systems to optimize electric vehicle (EV) charging. The collaboration between NTU Singapore, Continental and CEA (French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission) will research new solutions to recycle electronic components from end-of-life vehicles. The MoU between NTU Singapore, Continental and Pylon City covers the study of smart charging systems and battery optimization of EVs. Under the MoU with Pylon City, Continental and Pylon City will also aim to contribute to the development of national standards for outdoor charging infrastructure of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).