What we do

CHESS conducts research activities to develop solutions and recommendations towards building healthy and sustainable cities using existing and emerging information and communication technologies. CHESS takes new research approaches by conducting cutting-edge social and computational research methods in order to solve complex problems faced by modern cities.

Adopting an interdisciplinary approach, CHESS works with other NTU research entities and international partners to obtain research outcomes that have impacts on individuals, societies and cities. CHESS aims to nurture future researchers that will take on the challenges of developing healthy and sustainable cities.

Research Areas

Health and Medical Communication and Informatics

Health and medical communication and informatics thrust focuses on assessment, implementation and evaluation of information and communication technologies (ICTs) for the promotion of health and prevention of illness across the full spectrum of health and medical concerns among various groups of people.

Research in this track will shed light on the role of technology in maintaining and improving health in the 21st century.

Sustainability and Environment

The Sustainability and Environment thrust involves the study of public opinion and the mass media effects on science, environment and climate issues.

Risk Management, Control and Surveillance

Risk Management, Control and Surveillance thrust addresses evidence-based interpretation of outputs for consistent risk assessment, risk management and communications of health, environment and climate issues.

It looks into the design and implementation of surveillance of projects to ensure cost-beneficial, effective and fit-for-purpose evidence for policy-making and education. Several research projects will be integrated with modelling and simulation studies.