Past Events

CEM webinar logo: The Post-Pandemic Future of Global value chains: Implications for Asia

Webinar Series: The Post-Pandemic Future of Global Value Chains: Implications for Asia

23-Nov-2020 1400hrs - 1530hrs

Enhancing systematic trade and investment integration through engagement in Global Value Chains (GVCs) has remained an integral element of Asia’s overall economic progress over the years. The COVID-19 pandemic and the continuing trade tensions between the US and China have exposed the vulnerabilities of the GVCs in Asia and beyond. Join us in this webinar as we explore what the post-pandemic future of GVCs would look like in the region, and ask the following questions:

• Will there be fundamental changes to patterns of GVC-led integration?
• Will firms actively explore relocations for their production activities?
• How will Asian emerging markets contend with a new post-pandemic normal?

Moderator: Dr Sasidaran Goplan, Senior Research Fellow, Nanyang Centre for Emerging Markets


Dr Alicia Garcia Herrero, Chief Economist for Asia Pacific, Natixis (Hong Kong) 

Dr Deborah Elms,  Founder and Executive Director of the Asian Trade Centre

Dr Jayant Menon, Visiting Senior Fellow, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute)

You can view the recording of this webinar here.


CEM webinar logo: How to make creating shared value work?

Webinar Series: How to Make Creating-Shared-Value Work?

07-Sep-2020 1400hrs - 1500hrs

Creating shared value (CSV) embeds a social purpose in the business model to pursue the joint growth of financial performance and social impact. How to develop managerial capabilities to effectively create, sustain and grow shared values is a common concern for different forms of CSV, such as strategic corporate social responsibility, triple-bottom-line business, corporate social intrapreneurship, social enterprise or social business. 

This webinar invites industry leaders to discuss how to make CSV work in different contexts. Panelists will share their learning and exchange ideas with the audience about enabling corporate social intrapreneurship, growing a business for all stakeholders, and solving social problems profitably. Find out how you can incubate and execute corporate social intrapreneurship, grow a business for all stakeholders, and solve social problems profitably.

Moderator: Dr Meng Zhao, Senior Research Fellow, NCEM


Ms. Alex van der Ploeg, Head of CSR, SAP Inc

Mr. Daniel Nowack, managing Director, Yunus Social business

Mr. Kazi Huque, CEO, Technology for Social Impact, Former Grameen Intel, Social Business Ltd

You can view the recording of the webinar here

CEM webinar logo: OCBC-SBF ASEAN Outlook 2020: Positioning for a Post-COVID recovery amid the Rise of ASEAN

Webinar: OCBC-SBF ASEAN Outlook 2020: Positioning for a Post-COVID recovery amid the Rise of ASEAN

20-May-2020 1430hrs - 1630hrs

Although the economic impact of COVID-19 has disrupted the global supply chains and companies are addressing painful short-term challenges, it is imperative for companies to keep sight of medium-term potential opportunities in the ASEAN region.

This webinar brings speakers to share insights and strategies on how to build business and supply chain resilience and market diversification which require businesses to start adapting your business strategy in a new normal, post-COVID environment.