Centre Organisation

Nanyang Centre for Emerging Markets (CEM) utilises a multi-party operational platform through which we identify research themes jointly with partners, conduct the research and put the output in action. This global collaborative initiative involves four main pillars of stakeholders actively participating in the Centre's research and activities: 

  • Core Research Team​ - CEM's key researchers and the country representatives who prepare regular reports and coordinate global research projects.

  • Non-Resident Senior Research Fellows - Leading experts on emerging markets who design and lead annual flagship projects, participate in meetings and activities, and offer advisory support for CEM and its corporate partners.​

  • Global Institutional Partners - Major business schools in emerging markets with strong research interest and business interactions that provide country expertise in CEM's global network.​ 

  • Corporate Partners​ - Multinational and emerging market companies that collaborate with us to identify research themes, manage research processes, and apply research outputs.​ ​


​P​roject Managemen​t 

Nanyang CEM identifies research themes jointly with our stakeholders. Research fellows then design the study and apply it across emerging markets involving our global institutional partners to cover each market. Corporate partners actively participate in the process offering data, research sites, and feedback to assure relevant and valuable research outputs.