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The International Trading Programme (ITP) at Nanyang Technological University provides students from business, engineering, and maritime studies with a multidisciplinary and holistic education in international trade.

Our ITP curriculum is designed and refined in continuous consultation with corporate leaders to ensure direct relevance to the industry. It covers all the major trading sectors and encompasses the entire trading value chain.

Our ITP students engage actively in experiential learning, including local industry site visits, overseas study missions, and industry networking sessions.


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Our ITP students are trained to use Bloomberg and Refinitiv, the two most common platforms used by industry practitioners. Through our industry seminar series, you can learn about current trends, issues, and challenges in international trading directly from industry experts, as well as network with industry leaders.

With a comprehensive curriculum in international trading, practical industry-related training, and extensive networking opportunities, you can look forward to an exciting, rewarding spectrum of career opportunities across the entire value chain of the international trading sector.

Graduate Programme

International Trading Programmes students in a class at Nanyang Technological University

PMBA (International Trading)

Being the first in Asia, the PMBA (International Trading) aims to establish Singapore as the Asian hub for higher learning and leadership development in international trading.

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Undergraduate Programmes

Course Registration

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MT1003 Trade Practice and Incoterms
MT3006 Ship Chartering

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Nanyang Business School (NBS)

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Internship and Career Development

At Centre of Excellence International Trading (CEIT), internship is a key component of the comprehensive and holistic education of our International Trading Programme (ITP). It also helps our corporate partners and other industry players build up their human capital talent pipeline.

We work closely with our corporate partners and students to place interns in organisations across the entire trading value chain, including sub-sectors of international trading, such as oil & gas, metals and mining, and agri-commodities. As an ITP student, you can look forward to exciting hands-on, industry-related trading experience, both locally and overseas.

A successful internship is often a prelude to a job offer, since many companies use internships to test the intern’s mettle. Internships also allow you to have a much better understanding of the job requirements, career prospects and inner workings of the company, and, in turn, enable you to better gauge your interest in the job.


Experiential Learning

International Trading Programme experiential learning trip to Perth, 2018
As part of their comprehensive training, our International Trading Programme (ITP) students engage actively in experiential learning, including local industry site visits, overseas study missions, and networking sessions with industry practitioners.

Our ITP curriculum will expose you to a multidisciplinary, holistic education in all major aspects of international trading.

This includes:
• Local site visits: Typically day trips to various facilities and offices  of our industry partners, as many have key operations, including regional or global headquarters, in Singapore.  

• Overseas study missions: Provides you with extended time to acquire more in-depth understanding of real-life, on the ground operations overseas

• Industry networking sessions and seminars: Learn about the important trends, needs, and challenges of the international trading sectors directly from industry experts. 

The contacts and network you build through all of these activities will prove invaluable in your search for an internship, full-time placement and your future career.

International Trading Programme students after a fitness workout in Perth, 2018
International Trading Programme students on a site visit in Perth, 2018
International Trading Programme students on a company visit
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International Trading Club

Students from the Professional MBA (International Trading) programme at Nanyang Business School

Our Mission


To build a community for like-minded individuals aspiring to pursue a career in the commodities industry and to raise the profile of the International Trading Programme (ITP) within the industry.


International Trading Club is the official student-led body representing ITP students at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Through close partnership with the Centre of Excellence International Trading (CEIT), our club engages students and industry players through various initiatives such as speaker series, networking events, and experiential site visits.

We play an active role in organising events and activities to enrich the learning experience of our members and ITP students. Through various initiatives, such as the annual ITP Funorama and the Tripartite Networking Night, and working closely with CEIT and corporate partners,  we bring out the best learning experience for those who wish to know more about commodity trading.

We have also started our very own student-led research arm, where students are split into three key sectors: Oil & Gas, Metals & Minerals and Agriculture Products. This provides our members with great head start by building up their fundamentals and knowledge early on. The insights and findings gained are then consolidated and shared with the rest of the International Trading Club in our monthly gatherings.