Student Testimonials

Class of 2019, Bachelor of Science in Maritime Studies (Specialisation in International Trading Programme)

It has been one year since graduating, and I truly feel blessed to be a part of this growing ITP alumni group. It is heartening to see the new batch of juniors completing their internships and getting jobs at the various firms such as Trafigura, Vitol, Total and Koch to say the least.

As there is an often a steep learning curve in the commodities industry, my biggest advice to students it to treasure the resources provided by CEIT, especially the weekly speaker series as the knowledge sharing by these industry experts are hard to come by and very valuable. Kudos to the team for organizing it and hope to see everyone at more alumni events!
Class of 2019, Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering in Aerospace Engineering with 2nd Major in Business (International Trading Programme)

Being a student in the International Trading Program, I witnessed the extensive connections NTU has with its corporate partners through the Centre of Excellence for International Trading (CEIT). The strong connections that CEIT has with its corporate partners have enabled students like myself to benefit by offering numerous internship opportunities that we can take up any time of the year, be it summer, winter or even a semester internship.

corporate partners are also invited to our campus to hold seminar talks to let us know more about the commodities trading industry and also serve as networking opportunities for us. Personally, I have done a summer internship with Wilmar International, a part-time internship with Lobb Heng Pte Ltd and have been offered full-time employment with RWE Supply and Trading. All three companies are corporate partners of CEIT, proving the success that NTU has achieved in helping students like me with gaining experience and employment with relevant industries.
Class of 2020, Bachelor of Business, Banking & Finance (International Trading Programme)

ITP provided me with a unique learning experience like no other. Through the Speaker’s Series and Indonesia Experiential Visit, I have gained exposure and greater insights into the commodities trading industry. I found the hands-on training and practical experience using Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters Eikon most resourceful and essential in my learning journey.

As an Ex-Honorary Secretary to the International Trading Club, I work closely with CEIT and ITP students to organise events such as commodities night and also manage various aspects of the club together with the Exco Team to better connect the ITP Students.

My journey with ITP has been an enriching and fulfilling one and I urge students who are interested in the commodities sector to come onboard this programme for an eye-opening and rewarding experience.
Class of 2020, Bachelor of Business, Banking & Finance (International Trading Programme)

Eventful - is the word to describe my life as an ITP student. As someone with little knowledge about the commodities industry, I took the leap of faith to specialise in ITP. Till date, I have no regrets for such a decision made back then. A plethora of opportunities were given to ITP students - Speaker Series, Experiential Learning Trips, Internships with Corporate Partners and many more. Each of these posed as opportunities for us to gain more knowledge and experience.

The takeaways from ITP do not only include knowledge, but also the new friendships that I have forged with my batch mates. Through my internship experiences with South32, the Perth Experiential Learning Trip and activities in ITC - I was able to meet new friends whom have now become my good friends. As I now look back - school became much more eventful after joining ITP and taking that leap of faith was one of the best decisions I have made in university.
Class of 2020, Bachelor of Science in Maritime Studies (Specialisation in International Trading Programme)

After graduating for more than a year, I’ve truly understood how valuable the ITP has been for me. It has opened so many doors to various opportunities and the network of alumnus that proved to be such an indispensable asset professionally.

The gap between what the students learn in ITP and will be experienced at the job is huge. It is paramount that each student grabs every opportunity to attend seminars, ask questions and seek answers to satisfy your curiosity to learn. The ITP provides the platform for every student to do so. A brilliant performance for the team behind all the events thus far and I hope to see everyone at future events.
Class of 2020, Bachelor of Business, Banking & Finance (International Trading Programme)

My experience with the International Trading Programme has been a wholesome and enriching one. This program allowed me to be better-equipped and be work-ready with the relevant skillset to better take on the commodity industry. The main reason that motivated me to join ITP was that it offers a unique curriculum which consists of insightful Industry Seminars and Experiential learning trips opportunities to Indonesia, Australia, and China.

The resources and network that the Centre of Excellence (CEIT) was a stepping stone for me as a student to better connect with the members of the commodity industry.
Year 3, Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering with 2nd Major in Business (International Trading Programme)
Kwok Khoon Hong Scholarship 2019

ITP offers valuable industry-related opportunities through a unique and engaging curriculum. Having been fortunate enough to participate in Indonesia and the Perth experiential trip which was subsidised and organised by CEIT, as well as being sent to Nigeria for an internship under the KKH scholarship award, it goes to show that the ITP aims to provide relevant experiences and opportunities for ITP students to expose themselves to the trading industry to prepare them for the working world.
Year 3, Bachelor of Science in Maritime Studies (Specialisation in International Trading Programme)

The International Trading Programme offered a great platform to broaden my horizon on the trading and commodities market.

Through the countless speaker series, networking sessions and experiential learning trip, I was able to learn directly from the industry players and have a realistic insight about the market. There were also many internship opportunities offered by the programme, which allowed me to explore my options and value-add to my major.
Year 2, Bachelor of Accountancy, Minor in International Trading Programme
President of International Trading Club

Joining ITP does not only grant you learning opportunities within the community, more importantly, it opens many doors in your career. A specialisation in ITP is highly recognised by industry partners and will certainly allow you to stand out when sourcing for internships. My journey in ITP has been both enriching and engaging, with many avenues to expand upon my knowledge in commodities and international trade.

Being the President of International Trading Club, it brings me great joy to know that ITP provides ample industry seminars and experiential trips to ITP students, enhancing our learning beyond the ordinary classroom. If you want an education that offers an insight into commodity trading, that prepares you with real-world skillsets, ITP will be the ideal choice.
Year 2, Bachelor of Science in Maritime Studies (Specialisation in International Trading Programme)
Education Director of International Trading Club

I have always been interested in international trading and the efficient movement of goods across places. The international trading programme (ITP) offered by CEIT consistently engages professionals in the commodity industry to provide us with insights about the industry through the speaker series.

Additionally, ITP is recognised by many industry players. In fact, some companies look for interns and graduates from the ITP. For myself, I was fortunate to have been offered an internship programme with one of our corporate partners. All in all, I believe that ITP definitely opens up more opportunities for myself and I am sure that the knowledge gained from the programme does not solely apply to the commodity industry but all industry alike.
Year 2, Bachelor of Mechanical Engineer with 2nd Major in Business (International Trading Programme)
Head of Education Director of International Trading Club

The ITP is a great opportunity to broaden one’s knowledge about commodity markets and trading. Being offered as a second major and minor, it welcomes students from various disciplines. The unique curriculum of ITP also fosters closer connections between students and industry professionals, which helps ensure the skills students learned in school are what the industry needs.
Year 2, Bachelor of Business Banking & Finance (International Trading Programme)
Head of Project Executive of International Trading Club

The International Trading Programme (ITP) track allows me to delve deeper into understanding the business world, by learning to apply financial techniques to real-world cases from the perspective of a commodities trader. A unique part of this track that is very helpful is that the ITP modules are taught personally by current leaders in the commodities industry.

This has allowed me to gain more real-world insights into the commodity markets, making learning about International Trading more interesting, practical, and meaningful. In addition, coupled with the numerous sharing sessions by CEIT’s corporate partners throughout the semester, the ITP track definitely equips us students with sufficient knowledge and exposure for a career in the international trading field.