Published on 19 Dec 2022

Welcoming New NBS Alumni

We welcome our alumni from NBS Class of 2022. Like  those who graduated before them, our new graduates join the illustrious ranks of our NBS alumni family.  Exciting times await as they embark on the next phase of their lives. We caught up with three alumni as they reminisced about their recent experiences at NBS and what they will miss the most.

Benedikt Bosch, MBA (Banking & Finance), Class of 2022

Our valedictorian has always aspired to join the consulting industry since the time he landed his first consulting internship in 2018. This November, he started a full-time position with McKinsey in Switzerland. 

Benedikt at Liberty Island (New York City), May 2022.

How does it feel to be valedictorian of the class? What keeps you motivated?

I'm extremely honoured and thankful. This achievement is not only the result of my work but also the consequence of the amazing support that I have always received from my parents, friends, and classmates. It is not always easy to stay motivated, but life is such, if you perform well, the rewards are sweet. Such rewards will incentivise you to perform better.

What are your best memories of NBS, and what will you miss the most?

Even though we had a challenging year with COVID-19, there were many great memories. It allowed us to spend more time together. My best memory is a kayaking and dinner event that involved almost the entire cohort. I will miss my classmates now that I'm based in Switzerland. Also, I will miss being a student and the twice-weekly yoga sessions that I truly enjoyed.

Which courses in the MBA programme were especially relevant and useful for your career?  

I particularly liked "Technology & e-Business" with Prof Vijay Sethi, "Analytics for Decision-Making" with Assoc Prof Goh Kim Huat, and "Operations Management" with Prof S.Viswanathan. These classes were great, given their interactivity and relevance.

What advice do you have for those currently pursuing an MBA programme at NBS?

The diverse NBS environment allows you to experience other cultures first-hand and provides a unique backpack of experiences. There are many exciting things happening at NTU and NBS, so make the most of it by immersing yourself in as many non-curricular experiences as possible.


Milla Samuel, Renaissance Engineering Programme (REP), Class of 2022

Software engineering has always been one of Milla Samuel's top interests. So landing a job in New York as a software engineer at a company where she had previously interned was an unbeatable experience. 

Milla in New York City, 2022 

How did you land a full-time job while interning?

I was first noticed by a company while doing my exchange programme at the University of Berkeley, California, as part of the REP Programme. The company came across my GitHub profile and liked how I used one of their software packages, and I ended up interning at that company. It opened up other internship opportunities, eventually leading me to Palantir Technologies, where I currently work.

What do you love about your job, and what is it like living in New York?

I love solving different problems every day. People here come from various places, so it's nice to learn about their diverse experiences. Living in New York has been interesting. It's a beautiful place, incredibly fast-paced, and expensive. Pizza and bagels here are super good, but other than that, the food in Singapore is still better.

Which courses in the REP were especially useful for your career?  

"Engineering computation" introduced me to the basics of computer science and was extremely engaging. "Digital Transformation" was also an excellent course as Prof Vijay Sethi has incredible insights about emerging technologies and disruption. "The Law of Obligations and Intellectual Property" is another useful course that taught me skills I use daily.

What are your best memories of NTU/NBS, and what will you miss the most?

My best memories were with my friends, as living in the hall inevitably brought us closer together. The exchange programme at the University of California, Berkeley, was another highlight. However, what I miss the most are my friends and the Korean store at Tamarind Food Court.

Lee Yang, B.Bus (Marketing), Class of 2022 

Inspired to run his own start-up after participating in the NBS Mentoring Programme, budding entrepreneur Lee Yang will launch his plant-based food start-up focusing on Asian cuisines in December in selected outlets. He's calling it “Really Food.”

Lee Yang founded Really Food, a plant-based food start-up.

What was it like participating in the NBS Mentoring Programme, and how have you benefitted from it?

When I first entered NBS, I aspired to join private banking or consulting like many others. However, that changed after I met a highly successful entrepreneur through the NBS Alumni Mentorship Programme. I benefitted tremendously from the programme as it helped me see many other career paths available to students that we previously might not have considered and to better pick one that suits our preferences.

Which courses did you find especially useful and enjoyable?  

I found "Luxury Marketing" under Assoc Prof Lewis Lim really useful and enjoyable. His lessons were packed with real-life examples and the external speakers he invited weekly shared invaluable insights. "Market Behaviour" by Assoc Prof Zhang Kuangjie was also a fun class, showcasing consumer psychology and demonstrating how marketing can be both an art and a science.

What are your best memories of NBS, and what will you miss the most?

The best memories in NBS were making new friends and forming new teams each semester. I appreciate how we were mostly allowed to form our own groups, and that allowed us to network and work with new people in every single module, which I preferred over sticking to the same group of people throughout. We were also able to be creative in class. For example, we brought an oven to class to bake cookies while doing a presentation as a means to appeal to the five senses. I was also allowed to teach a blockchain lesson due to my previous experience in the field. I definitely miss going to class to see my friends and professors.

What advice do you have for potential and current NBS students?

For students considering a programme at NBS, take this leap; it will be an experience like no other. You will learn a lot and be humbled simultaneously. But, through it all, take everything that comes in your stride and never give up.

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