Published on 15 Feb 2024

The New Nanyang Centre for Marketing and Technology

A dynamic hub facilitating discussions and knowledge sharing among industry partners

The Nanyang Centre for Marketing and Technology was officially launched on 7 February at Gaia, located in NTU Singapore’s Nanyang Business School (NBS), signalling a significant step towards bridging the worlds of marketing and technology. This innovative research centre is dedicated to delving into cutting-edge strategies and creative solutions at the intersection of these two realms. 

The landscape of business and marketing activities is undergoing a profound revolution driven by technology. Digital platforms, big data analytics, and emerging innovations like augmented reality have fundamentally reshaped our understanding of consumer behaviour, campaign customisation, and performance evaluation. Despite these advancements, there is currently a lack of a centralised platform where knowledge regarding the transformative impact of technology on consumer behaviour and marketing strategies is consolidated. Likewise, there is a noticeable absence of an open forum for marketers to engage in meaningful conversations on this subject.

The research centre aims to fill this gap by establishing itself as a dynamic hub facilitating discussions and knowledge sharing among industry partners and fostering collaboration between academia and industry. Leveraging the expertise of our Distinguished Fellows and the support of our industry partners, we are poised to create an environment conducive to exploring the evolving intersection of technology, consumer behaviour, and marketing practices.

Industry partners, participants, and Marketing Faculty at the launch 

We extend our gratitude to our esteemed panellists Mr Kenneth Choo, Managing Director, Heineken Asia Pacific; Mr Krishnan Menon, President of Experience, AsiaOgilvy; and Mr Sotis Dramalis, Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Asia Pacific & Japan, SAP. Thanks also to our moderator Prof Gemma Calvert, Division of Marketing, NBS, for expertly guiding the discussion titled 'Decoding Tomorrow’s Markets: The Role of AI in Shaping Market Efficiency, Differentiation, and Consumer Engagement'.