With more than 62,000 alumni in over 100 countries, the NBS International Alumni Network plays a vital role in facilitating opportunities for continuous learning and networking among fellow NBS graduates.

The NBS International Alumni Group is supported by alumni representatives who serve as a bridge between NBS and our overseas alumni. It helps to organise professional and social events as well as to strengthen engagement with students and industry and provides a platform for alumni to get involved in fostering a supportive community. 

LocationNameProgramme Contact Detail
China, Hong KongTan Ee SinB.ACC  [email protected]
China, Hong KongFong Yun Kuan RyanB.ACC  https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryan-fong-4987061
China, Hong KongJoash LeeB.BUS (Banking & Finance)[email protected]
China, ShanghaiQu FengMSc (Finance)[email protected]
China, ShenzhenWang Chen YuMSc (Finance)[email protected]
China, ShenzhenYang GuangB.BUS (Business & Computing)[email protected]
Germany, BerlinJeremy Jerome ChiaB.ACC[email protected]
India, BengaluruDebashish MaityMSc (Accountancy)[email protected]
Indonesia, JakartaJohnny WidodoNanyang MBA (Strategy)[email protected]
Malaysia, Kuala LumpurSharmeel RajaratnamB.BUS[email protected]
Sweden, ÄlmhultOh Chyi HaurB.ACC[email protected]
Taiwan, TaipeiHuang Liang Shu, EricNanyang-Waseda Double MBA[email protected]
United States, New YorkDarren LeeB. ACC & BUS[email protected]
United States, New YorkLu XiaoMSc (Finance Engineering )[email protected]
Vietnam, HanoiLily Tran Thi Hong VanMSc (Business Analytics)[email protected]


The Nanyang MBA International Alumni Group provides a platform for our MBA graduates to stay connected with one another and with NBS. It provides access for continued personal and professional growth. It is supported by alumni in locations around the globe who organise events and activities that foster strong ties between NBS, alumni, and students as well as strengthen engagement with industry partners. The result is a vibrant and thriving community for lifelong learning, networking, and industry connections.  

LocationNameProgramme Contact Detail
Australia, MelbourneAbhimanyu BholaNanyang MBA (Marketing)[email protected]
Canada, VancouverReid CoryNanyang MBA (Strategy & Innovation)[email protected]
Canada, VancouverCheryl TamNanyang MBA[email protected]
China, BeijingSun XiaNanyang Executive MBA  (International)[email protected]
China, Hong KongPeter ChenNanyang MBA[email protected]
China, NanjingLiu Gang, DarrenNanyang MBA[email protected]
China, ShanghaiClark Li HeNanyang MBA[email protected]
China, ZhengzhouShi XiangangNanyang Executive MBA  (International)[email protected]
Denmark, CopenhagenSebastián Unda McFarlaneNanyang Fellows MBA[email protected]
France, ParisVincke Lionel AndreNanyang MBA (Strategy)[email protected]
France, ParisXenthe BangNanyang MBA (Marketing)[email protected]
Germany, DeutschlandIsabell MathiasNanyang MBA[email protected]
India, MumbaiDevidayal Ritika RamkishanNanyang Fellows MBA[email protected]
Indonesia, JakartaJohnny WidodoNanyang MBA (Strategy)[email protected]
Japan, TokyoJustin Miles PrescottNanyang-Waseda Double MBA[email protected]
Japan, TokyoSato YujiNanyang-Waseda Double MBA[email protected]
Japan, TokyoAtsushi TakahashiNanyang MBA[email protected]
Malaysia, Kuala LumpurMrat YussubaliyevNanyang MBA[email protected]
Malaysia, Kuala LumpurYeoh Khee HingNanyang MBA[email protected]
Myanmar, Yangon Aung MyoNanyang MBA (Finance)[email protected]
Myanmar, Yangon Sophie Thida HtunNanyang Fellows MBA[email protected]
Nepal, Kathmandu Ayush AmatyaNanyang MBA (Strategy)[email protected]
Norway, OsloGlenn RuudNanyang Executive MBA  [email protected]
Philippines, ManilaMa. Patricia M. BerbaNanyang MBA (International Business) [email protected]
Russia, MoscowSergey LotvinNanyang Fellows MBA[email protected]
Russia, MoscowStepanova ElenaNanyang-Waseda Double MBA[email protected]
South Korea, SeoulBoseul LeeNanyang MBA  [email protected]
South Korea, SeoulPark SangjunNanyang MBA[email protected]
Sri Lanka, ColomboDilina FernandoNanyang MBA (Strategy & Innovation)[email protected]
Switzerland, ZurichSusann Naomi IsraelNanyang MBA (International Business)[email protected]
Taiwan, TaipeiHuang Liang Shu, EricNanyang-Waseda Double MBA[email protected]
Thailand, BangkokPrateek GuptaNanyang MBA[email protected]
UAE, Abu DhabiYau Yong KuangNanyang MBA[email protected]
UAE, DubaiShah Ali IqtedarNanyang MBA (Strategy)[email protected]
United Kingdom, LondonYagi ToruNanyang MBA[email protected]
United States, OregonOng HollyNanyang MBA (Marketing)[email protected]
Vietnam, HanoiNguyen Duc Hung LinhNanyang MBA[email protected]
Vietnam, HanoiPham Thi Thu Hang (Helena)Nanyang MBA (Marketing)[email protected]
Vietnam, Ho Chi MinhNguyen Truong GiangNanyang MBA (Strategy)[email protected]