Published on 18 Aug 2020

ASE welcomes Fidel Costa back as Chair

As of July 1 2020 ASE has welcomed Assoc Prof Fidel Costa back as Chair. Assoc Prof Costa knows ASE well, he has been with the school for 10 years and seen it grow and expand both in terms of number of people and research fields. He previously acted as ASE Chair 2017 - 2018, and for the past year he has had the position as Interim Director of EOS. In 2019 he was awarded Provost’s Chair in Earth Sciences.

Assoc Prof Costa is head of the Volcanic Petrology Group, which researches active volcanoes for better understanding and forecasting of volcanic eruptions. He conducts fundamental research on magmatic processes and rocks from active volcanoes.

A big thanks to Prof Benjamin Horton, who has been a dedicated Chair of ASE for the past two years and still remains with us in his new positon as Director of EOS.