About Us

Alibaba-NTU JRI Launch Ceremony - MoU Signing


Jointly established by the Alibaba Group and NTU, the Alibaba-NTU Singapore Joint Research Institute (JRI) was officially launched in February 2018. The Alibaba-NTU JRI is a partnership in pursuit of cutting-edge research in the field of Human-centered AI. We have identified areas in fundamental AI research, including ageless ageing, AI-enabled lifestyles, and human-centered mobility, which are of interest to both partners. A translational research framework has been proposed to allow the research outcomes to address significant challenges in the rapidly changing social and technological realities of the modern era. Furthermore, the JRI establishes programmes to cultivate, attract, and retain AI scientists and engineers in Singapore.


Towards AI-empowered happier, healthier, and smarter communities


To develop AI technologies with human touch while cultivating AI talents with global reach.


The JRI’s objective is to support technology breakthroughs and develop real-life AI solutions. Specifically, the JRI focuses on research into human-centered AI technology as well as other AI technologies including natural language processing, computer vision, machine learning and cloud computing, and impactful applications in the areas of health, ageing, intelligent homes and communities. Over the next five years, the JRI will push the frontiers of AI to change the current technology-centric philosophy of AI research into one which is human-centric. The goal is to build effective, accessible and inclusive AI in order to address important societal needs in ageless ageing, new lifestyles and human-centered mobility.